Good news: Our reading sweater is back! When we first launched this Alex Mill collaboration in September, it sold out within hours. Now, we’re doing a second run — including a new stripe. See all the colors here, if you’d like, for the coziest winter ensemble.

This month, we’ve been craving warm dinners, and when I saw this onion tart in my feed, I knew we’d be making it asap. It’s inspired by French onion soup and pairs perfectly with a green salad.

Have you been dating during the pandemic? The New Yorker wrote a funny piece about how dating these days is like being in a Jane Austen novel. For example, “it’s a long, drawn-out affair,” “you regularly inquire about the health of each other’s family members” and “it includes many brisk walks.” Made me laugh.

On chilly days, the boys turn into homebodies, and convincing them to go for walks is a production. So! I invented a new game: We stroll around the neighborhood in the evening and see how many Christmas trees we can spot through windows. We counted to 26 last night! Bonus: It’s a beautiful way to see the city.

P.S. More fun things, including an amazing book and how to get rid of a pimple.

(Alex Mill photo by Nicki Sebastian. Christmas tree photo by Holly Clark/Stocksy.)