Have a Good Weekend.

Roberta's pizza

What are you up to this weekend? We are taking long walks around the neighborhood and admiring all the holiday decorations that are already up. (Love that people are starting early.) Thank you also for being excited about our gift guides, in which we are featuring many small businesses. More coming up next week! Have a good one, and here are a few links from around the web…

LOVE this miracle beauty product.

Anonymous Obama gets some ice cream.

Also, how rad is this photo of Obama? (Brava, Shaniqwa Jarvis.)

This sweatshirt made me laugh out loud.

Zoom announced no time limits on family video get-togethers on Thanksgiving. Made me teary!

Send this song to your family if they don’t understand why you aren’t traveling for Thanksgiving.

This stuffing taste test had a clear winner. Boom!

A delicious dinner bowl.

A video with the costume designer of The Crown.

How cool would it be to see these humpback whales?

Bonus: Nisolo is giving COJ early access to Black Friday with code COJHOLIDAY.

Plus, a reader comment:

Says Leslie on the 2020 holiday gift guides: “I love your gift guides! Joanna, would you ever consider a list of COJ makers? Or maybe just a post where people could comment with their product and website? I’m not sure how many of your readers are also makers, but I know I would love to support them with my dollars. (As a tiny mom-and-pop shop, my husband and I are grateful for every single customer.) It’s been a rough year for everyone (us included – people don’t really need belts to hold up their sweats on Zoom, lol!), and I figured it might be nice to be able to support others. Thank you!” So, please, if you’re a maker or have a shop, leave a comment below! xoxoxo

(Photo by Roberta’s.)

Note: If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. We recommend only products we genuinely like. Thank you so much.

  1. Elevated play clothes for kids, all handcrafted by moms in the USA! We are a team of 20 moms all working from home (for five years and counting) making heirloom quality children’s wear that parents and kids alike will love. Each tag has the name of the mom who made the piece!

  2. Carmen Faye says...

    my little sister makes the most buttery soft and supportive **sexy** mesh bras. They make working from home feel special:

    • Brianna says...

      These are beautiful!!

  3. Daniela says...

    I’m not a maker just yet (working on developing my courses!) but I do have health coaching services for women. As a brand new health coach it’s been hard getting the word out there, and I am thankful for every single email subscriber that I have – all seven of them! If anyone is interested, I’m at :)

    • Love your site!

    • Daniela says...

      Thank you! :)

    • linda says...

      I didn’t know anything like this even existed. Sending to my adult daughter who could really use some help. Thank you!

    • Laura says...

      Omg, I want everything on your site! I’m definitely going to buy some holiday gifts and add some items to my wishlist!

    • Jane says...

      Love your store Ash! I’ve been wanting to make the switch to shampoo bars, and I see you carry a few. Is there one you’d recommend?

    • Robin says...

      Our world needs you more than ever now! Your store looks beautiful. I’m across the border, but a suggestion – my local zero waste store (saponetti, in Toronto) has a delivery service with standardized jars and it’s been great through this strange year. Maybe something to consider if you aren’t already doing this. Good luck!

    • Allison L. says...

      Just made my first purchase! Great site and very reasonable prices. Good luck!!

  4. S says...

    Feminine yet minimal handmade jewelry by Lace & Pearls, a black and female-owned business (who also happens to be my talented sister-in-law!):

    • Laura says...

      So lovely!

    • Dana says...

      Really beautiful stuff! Definitely adding to my shopping list.

  5. I’m a maker (and mom) in Maine with a design and stationery shoppe — I illustrate cute prints and fun holiday cards (including scratch ‘n sniff and holiday cocktail recipe cards!)

    • Katie says...

      Your Flowergrams are such a great idea, loved all your stuff!

    • Thank you, Katie!

    • Allison L. says...

      Love this site! Thanks for sharing. Have never seen scratch n sniff cards before!! Just did my first order!

    • Thanks Allison — just shipped it with a handwritten note of your sweet message to your mom. Sending healing vibes.

  6. Great idea, Leslie! I’m an art teacher who makes a whole medley of different handcrafted goodies! I was also featured on CoJ about a year ago :) Please check me out!

  7. My women-owned design studio created the Balance Bound Planner, a weekly planner that helps you create order, set boundaries, and prioritize self-care. It comes in wire bound or book bound formats, with 6 cover designs to choose from, and a ton of space inside to make it work for your life :)

  8. I love checking out all these amazing sites!

    Briar Owl : ready-made meditation kits (including a curiosity tray for kids!) & modern witchy supplies!

  9. EH says...

    I don’t have anything to sell, but if you’re looking for (reasonably priced) art, Lydia Thomson is the dearest maker to me:

    The botanical and still life walnut ink paintings (made with homemade walnut inks) are my favorite!

    Thank you for highlighting the idea of shopping independent shops and makers through this community!

  10. Moo says...

    My friend’s lovely shop,, features specialty food brands, makers, and artists all local to Sacramento, CA. There’s something for everyone!

  11. Amanda says...

    Hi Katie, I’m from Memphis, too! Happy to find an actually local to me maker via this list. Your husband’s work is gorgeous!

    • Katie says...

      Nice to meet you Amanda! Thank you!!

  12. Denise says...

    I found Retail Therapy here in SoCal a couple of weeks ago. Talk about the perfect therapy! The shop is size inclusive, and the owner, Meghan, is a doll. My friend and I both left with full bags, due in no small part to Meghan sailing around the shop curating pieces for us in the most girlfriendy way. It was so much fun, and her prices are great too.

  13. Thank you for highlight small businesses!!

    My husband and I run a micro coffee roastery in the SF Bay Area and would love (!) for ppl to try us out. ❤️ We don’t have a storefront but we provide beans to local cafes and ship nationally.

    • Meghan says...

      This is so cute. I’m also Canadian, moving to NS in a couple of weeks, and missing thrift stores more than ANYTHING hahaha

  14. Sheryl says...

    I love this blog and the readers! I always bam left feeling happier and a little smarter. Here is the link to my Etsy shop….fun denim whales. :)

    • Laura says...

      Love! Perfect gift for the new surrogate grand baby coming into my life!

  15. My mum and I have a small business dyeing upcycled silk garments & new silk accessories with flowers and botanicals! Our best-sellers are our 100% silk scrunchies, and we just launched silk face masks! We grow most of the flowers ourselves :)

    • Colleen says...

      Isabel, your shop is BEAUTIFUL. I am ordering a face mask now. Thank you for sharing!

    • Laura says...


    • Sarah says...

      I love your site and I’m hoping the models are you and your mom. Gave me all the fantasy hopeful feels that my daughter (now 3) and I will always be pals and be an intricate part of each other’s lives. Much success to you and your mom ❤️

  16. pcb says...

    Not a maker exactly, but my partner has a small vintage shop on etsy. Lots of kitchen and barware plus some other cool finds.

    Inventory is a bit lower than usual – fewer flea markets and other places to treasure hunt this year due to COVID – but we’re continuing to add new pieces every day!

  17. Yes! COJ readers and makers! Love these unique gift ideas

    Check out @littlebikebag / for cute little bags for your ride !

  18. Mirjam Kirkham says...

    I do watercolor renderings of houses and people. I recently did an Indian wedding portrait and fell in love with gold ink color. Here’s my Etsy link:

  19. If you’re looking to support a black-owned business (womxn designed) that makes comfortable, stylish apparel that stands for what is right, perfect for making a statement at your holiday gatherings or zoom meetings, head to 🖤

  20. Great to see all these small business endeavors! I am a painter and educator. In addition to selling my work through galleries and my studio (you can see my work at, I have an Instagram side hustle where I sell small oil paintings @studio_side_project (––I post a new painting weekly-ish. I started this project as a way to offer work that is more accessible, intentionally priced low to share my work with more people. I hope SSP will help to spread the word about the joy of living with original art, make it a bit easier for folks to start or add to a collection, and provide options for the thoughtful gift giver. :)

    Thanks for the opportunity to bring attention to our work, Cup of Jo!

    • Emily says...

      Love the support in this community! I have a small side hustle selling vintage, antiques, and seasonal knits on Instagram. My shop is @spunmagic.

  21. Christine Goyette says...

    I love browsing everyone’s sites! Thank you!
    We have a unique business that combines all of our loves in one place. Browse our exciting collections of exquisite handmade, natural stone jewelry, self mined Herkimer Diamonds, unique mineral specimens and collectible early U.S. Coins. We have something for everyone!

    • Sydni Jackson says...

      I have a print shop with photos from my travels around the world – mostly Paris where I lived for 2 years. Would love for you to check it out, even just to browse and wanderlust for a little while – I know we’re all missing travel a little extra right now! :)
      Thanks Joanna!

    • Jen says...

      Love the Paris prints, Sydni!

  22. I own an online Vintage Shop, and will be celebrating my 2nd anniversary on Nov. 29th! The shop is Round Apple Vintage . Id love for you to take a peek! Hoping the pieces available make you smile!

    • link is

  23. Hi CoJ community! I am a poet, and I write commissioned poems for your loved ones – we set up a short phone call so I can hear about who the poem is for, your favourite memories, their favourite things, what you love about them, and then I write a poem! I send a print on cardstock that can be framed.

    I also have a collection of postcards that have excerpts from poems about friendship that I made this year, so you can start a penpal correspondence with your best friend. Especially because we’re spending so much more time apart and because writing a whole letter can sometimes be daunting, I find a little postcard to be just the right size!

    My website is here:

    • This is a beautiful gift to offer loved ones! ♥️

  24. I make sustainable gifts from retired rock climbing rope!
    Bags & wall hanging. May the past adventures of the ropes inspire new ones.

  25. I collect beautifully decorated vintage tins that once held cookies and candy. Then I….. (wait for it)…..cut them up! I use these colorful bits of nostalgia to make the most incredibly lovely, lightweight jewelry in my Philadelphia studio. Coming soon this holiday season: Keepsake Ornaments made from vintage tin!

    • Lindsay says...

      So cool to see a maker on this list who’s local to me! I can vouch for the loveliness of these earrings- I’ve gifted several sets. You can find the shop by clicking on Devin’s name or going to

  26. My friend’s adorable product allows you to write or draw designs on shirts that are written in erasable chalk marker! She also branched out to tote bags and patches, which are my personal favorite! Also, how cute is the name, “Chalk of the Town”?

  27. Hannah says...

    I’m loving clicking through to all these brilliant makers and small businesses. Lots of things added to my wish-list!

    I started making simple, colourful hoop earrings (in combos like bright pink/yellow or coral pink/navy blue) just because I wanted some for myself – but now I sell them on etsy (expertly modelled by my lovely mum) for anyone else who might like them too:

    • Dana says...

      Love love love these! So dainty but such a fun pop of color!

  28. Elizabeth says...

    My teens started this mask making business when their summer jobs fell through:

    It’s not fancy, but the masks are well constructed, they’ve got cute prints and they are made in America–on my dining room table!

    • Varina says...

      Even better – they’re made right on the Hill! I know where my next mask purchase will be :)

  29. I’m from Glasgow, Scotland and want to give a shout out for my husband’s amazing artwork. He keeps creating beautiful things despite all the hardships of this year. On Instagram he is @fleckillustration and you can shop his work at Take a look if you have ever been to Edinburgh or up to the Scottish Highlands, or if you love art with colour, plants and imagination! He even wrote and illustrated a children’s book. He ships internationally. Thanks for letting me share his work Jo+team!

    • Ally says...

      Your husband is so talented! I’ve never been, but my husband fell in love with Edinburgh when he visited in college. Buying him a print for Christmas. So glad you shared!

  30. Kate says...

    Seattleite here! I’ve witnessed some serious grit from our small businesses this year—hoo boy. Y’all are awesome.

    I work with a few local makers (and maker-adjacent businesses) as a bookkeeper. Check out…

    Sister Sage
    (herbal salves and DELICIOUS tinctures from a lil’ farm on Vashon Island)

    Seattle Candle Company
    (mom & pop candlemakers that have your winter mood covered)

    Steel Toe Studios
    (anniversary jewelry and custom belt buckles from a rad lady blacksmith)

    The Works
    (kits for making: mochi, holiday wreaths, masterpiece pies a la @lokokitchen…)

    Station 7
    (shop that champions local, women-led businesses!)

  31. Nathalie Bockelt says...

    Would love for you to check out my close friend Chrissie’s Etsy shop “WildEmberDesigns”, she makes gorgeous hand-cut textile earrings and necklaces out of colorful fabric from Africa. Her earrings would make a wonderful gift!

  32. How lovely to see this creative community! I don’t have a shop of things I’ve made but I do have a store full of goodies on Poshmark. Shopping gently used (and stuff on PM is often unused) is better for the planet and our pocketbooks. I’d love to offer an extra discount to CoJ readers!

  33. Hannah says...

    I’m on maternity leave with my second daughter, Felicity, who is 14 weeks old and I’ve just reopened my Etsy shop. I’ve started to paint a little bit every day and it’s definitely helped me feel a bit less stressed about the world right now.

  34. Allie says...

    My friend is a talented embroidery and jewelry artist (when she isn’t busy saving the world during her day job as a Social Worker.) You can see her work at heartmeetssoulshop on instagram!

  35. Jane says...

    Your shop is amazing! I’m so intrigued by the wool pillows!

  36. Jane says...

    I am LOVING browsing all these comments for gift ideas and bookmarking for myself for later :)

    I don’t have a shop but here are two woman-owned small businesses I’ve ordered from recently and really loved.

    Candles, room sprays, handmade face masks (they donate one for each you buy):
    Bar soap, shower steamers (like bath bombs but for showers), scrubs:

  37. Ooh! Thanks for the opportunity! I’m a surface designer who JUST started a small business selling my illustrations on apparel, home decor, accessories, fabric, and wallpaper! The sketch-style watercolor & hand-drawn illustrations are flora-, fauna-, and geology-themed, inspired by moments of joy in my life that I hope help others reflect on their own happy memories outdoors or in their own travels!
    Instagram: @rexmadethis

    Looking forward to finding Christmas gifts for everyone in the comments!!! What a great list so far of small businesses to support! Thanks everyone & COJ!

    • Btw, I’m in Seattle! Worldwide shipping fulfilled by Threadless & Spoonflower so that I can spend more time with my babies and drawing/painting, less time packing orders.

  38. Marlena says...

    Why did the video of the humpback whales make me bawl like a baby?! What an incredible thing to experience. I miss the world so much!!

    • nadine says...

      I felt the same. They’re incredibly beautiful. I had a similar experience seeing humpback whales in New Foundland, it was mesmerizing.
      I wish you will have the chance to see them soon too.

  39. Jill S says...

    Hi! I make one of a kind demi-fine jewelry. Each piece is completely unique, there are no duplicates, and they use semiprecious stones and other materials. It leans towards boho/eclectic/goth style, but I have a lot of different pieces that would please anyone! You can find my shop here:

  40. Thank you Leslie for the suggestion and Joanna for sharing your space to all the makers. My friend and I make DIY handicraft kits. Each kit contains all the materials and instructions to learn a new craft (hand sewing, cross stitch, etc.) and make a fun item to showcase or gift. Best of all, you can buy a few for all your siblings/friends/co-workers and have a fun zoom craft party.

    • Shuba says...

      I ❤️Kraft Kaboodle kits! Innovative craft kits with simple, easy to follow instructions that are fun to do with your parent, offspring, sibling or pal. I have bought several kits for myself & as gifts for friends.

  41. Hyping up a small business that is near and dear to my heart. One of my good friends and my brother are the co-founders of Bedestan, a luxury Turkish textile company. All of their products are ethically sourced, sustainably crafted, and made to last for years. Find them at or on Instagram at!

    • Eli says...

      Katarina – I just ordered a robe and I am so excited about it! The pieces are so beautifully made and I love that I am supporting a small, female owned business in Turkey. One day I will make it to that small corner of the world! Hope you and your family are well and safe! Much love from Tennessee!

  42. Andrea says...

    Can I plug a company I love? Dirty Girl Coffee is women-owned, women-run coffee makers in Gloucester, Ohio (ie Appalachia). I heard the founder on NPR a few years ago and was so impressed with her mission… and the coffee is amazing! They just started making teas as well.

  43. I would definitely love to see support for all of the incredible mama-makers out there. I own blushing wren teas and botanicals, a Philadelphia-based tea company, that uses only certified organic ingredients sourced from local farms.

    • Jenna says...

      Love your tea! Bought some at a farmers market recently! Small world :)

  44. This was so incredible! I am so excited to support the CoJ community of makers through my dollars this Christmas.

    I also want to recommend a flight attendant/photographer friend who has some truly beautiful prints from San Diego, Austin, Europe and beyond–if you are missing travel this year or want to commemorate a past trip, I cannot recommend her beautiful photos enough!

    Also – if you are looking for a lovely independent bookstore to support this year, The Book Catapult in San Diego has really fair shipping prices and they can make wonderful recommendations!

  45. Emily Whittington Neese says...

    Hi! Thank you for your invitation to share our small businesses.
    I started a new business during the pandemic called Bubbles and Joy. It is a bath time subscription box for kids with all natural, BPA free toys and products. Basically a bath time party starter:)

    Thanks xoxoxoxo

  46. Lindsey S says...

    Plugging my marvelous college roommate – she makes needle felted figurines, ornaments, coasters, soap, and paintings out of wool

    • Marybeth says...

      Your books are beautiful!! I am so happy I found them – and knowing your mom and you work on them together is extra sweet. Cannot wait to order all three :)

  47. Taylor says...

    I’m not a maker but my best friend and her husband run P’Tit Renard Creations from just outside Montreal. It’s full of cute handmade children’s clothes (like grow with me leggings and hoodies, masks for the family, sweet winter tuques). And they work their asses off. Sending love to all the small business hustlers who also work tirelessly.

  48. Love this idea of sharing small businesses. My daughter and I launched an accessories line last year. Rosie Bold! All the fun earrings and pieces also have a mission to give back and inspire girls to be bold and resilient. Check us out at Happy to share COJCheer for a free pair of earrings with every order valued at $18 valid thru 12/15/20.

  49. What a wonderful idea!
    I paint Floral Family Portraits, paintings of a boquet of birth flowers (it’s a thing! like birthstones, a flower for each month) for each family member, and a hand holding the bouquet, representing these loved ones being held close❤️ And of course it also works for best friends or any group of people. These are custom made paintings, and I love working with customers on color choices and composition. Perhaps a special gift for someone you’re wishing you could be with this holiday season.
    Photos on the post are in color but I love doing b+w drawings as well, the hand doesn’t have to be included, etc. It can be totally up to the customer!

    Thank you COJ! Can’t wait to look through these comments :)

  50. Woodburning tools from Texas! A hobby for those long days when you are couped up at home.

  51. Hi mamas and friends of mamas, I make a gf, grain free, vegan trail mix for breastfeeding moms. I made it when I was nursing my now toddler coz I didn’t want teas and cookies. Where was the crunch???!!! So here it is:

  52. Thanks for shouting out small businesses!! I run a body acceptance apparel shop! Tees, sweatshirts, laptop stickers…could make for a great stocking stuffer if you know someone practicing intuitive eating or working towards body acceptance/neutrality:

  53. Love this idea, Leslie! I find so many good companies and products through CoJ and would love to swap links! Reading through all comments now, xox

    My husband and I run Gladfolk – meaningful, modern design for you, your little ones, and your home.

  54. Jamie says...

    I’m a maker of fun sorority items, but sewing is my real love. 2020 has given me the chance to make masks, help people stay safe, and be able to donate some of my proceeds to LGBTQ+ charities!

  55. Hi there. I’ve had a vintage shop on Etsy for, wow — over 11 years:

    …and I love it, but let’s be real, shopping at estate sales during Covid just isn’t happening. However! This summer I picked up (in a parking-lot social-distance way!) a great stash of 1970s new-old-stock women’s wear from the estate of a long-time clothing wholesaler here in Chicago. Super-cute dresses and tops and nothing over $62. Thanks for supporting Etsy curators!

  56. Kelsey says...

    Yes! That would be so cool :)

  57. If you’re shopping for infants or children (or just the young at heart), I’d love to create something special for you! I do toys, stuffed animals, accessories, and all kinds of dolls. I make a point of creating a broad range of inclusive toys, can do all kinds of custom orders, and always donate a portion of my proceeds to charity. RBG doll, anyone?

  58. Loving all of these shops and makers! I am a musician and teacher, and I think piano lessons might be a pretty cool online experience to give in 2020. My site is

  59. I’m a former journalist writing couples’ personalized love stories via my small business, StoryLove.

    People can hire me to write their own love story or gift the service so someone else’s story gets written.

    I think we could all use more love in 2020! :)

    • nadine says...

      Wow! So beautiful..

  60. I just developed a batch of these lovely handmade skin tone ASL crayons in collaboration with an artist friend of mine. I am a Child of Deaf Adults and donating $1.50 of every set to an organization that is fighting for language access for Deaf and Hard of Hearing children:

    (I am also a wildlife painter and illustrator, you can see lots of animal art and puzzles on my site too!)

    • Dana says...

      Loooove these, Kate! I’m an interpreter and can think of a million people I know who would very much enjoy these crayons.

  61. Hannah says...

    I have a small online Pilates studio where I offer personalized private training and group classes! In the holiday spirit I’m proud to offer a pay-what-you-can online Community Mat class, with 50% of the profits donated to the amazing Common Ground Foundation. <3
    Learn more at!
    The gift of covid safe exercise this holiday season is a great way to show care for your loved ones (or for yourself!). I’d absolutely LOVE to meet some COJ readers in my classes! And thank you SO MUCH to COJ for offering us small business owners a place to share our work with this community that we so adore.

  62. Thank you!

    I’m Lael Dalal, a librarian/archivist who creates kids art featuring positive affirmations for young girls of all colors. Oh, and lots of books!


    Instagram: @LaelDalal

  63. Jessica Camerata says...

    Long walks exploring holiday decorations sounds glorious! CAn’t wait for the gift guides.

    xo Jessica
    an indigo day

  64. Relayah says...

    Plugging my friends shop, she makes birthstone gold ball bracelets that are so cute alone or stacked and lots of other goodies!

    • Carrie says...

      Instant mood-lifters! Her color sense is a truly beautiful…x

  65. My name is Ash from Cincha Travel. My boyfriend and I developed a stylish, new travel accessory that secures your personal bag to your luggage.
    It’s essentially a cute seat belt for your personal bag that will keep it snug on your luggage and off of any nasty airport surfaces, freeing your hands for other things (like adjusting your mask). We may not be traveling right now, but crossing our fingers – that we will be soon!
    This is also the perfect gift under $50: we hand paint monograms on it (if you choose that option), and it fits in a stocking – talk about a triple threat gift ;-)
    Check us out:

    • Amy says...

      These are really cute! Adding to my wish list!

    • Jess says...

      Gorgeous!! I’m so glad you shared!

  66. My dear cousin makes awesome/fun/ADORABLE hand silkscreened products out of her little studio in Chicago. The best baby onesies and kids tees (every baby I’ve known for the past 10 years has gotten Earth Cadets swag) playful pillows, cheeky adult shirts. Plus, now she makes gorgeous masks. And she’s just a delightful human (and mom!) to boot.

    • Laura says...

      Ooh, her shop is great! I’m in Chicago, too, and definitely going to be buying some things and adding to my wishlist.

  67. We’re a sustainable mother + daughter + granddaughter run company out of Brooklyn. We make home, bath and baby goods! All handmade and low waste. We also have a ton of other amazing local vendors on our site.


    • Julie says...

      Oooo I love Lovewild – best shop in Williamsburg!!!

  68. After my sister died unexpectedly in 2017, I started a business that puts together care packages for people who are grieving as an alternative to flower bouquets. When you’re newly bereaved, navigating those first holidays is usually tremendously painful. So we offer ‘Hapless Holiday’ boxes as a way for folks to sensitively connect with their friends and family who are struggling because of the death of a loved one.

    I partner with women and/or black-owned businesses for nearly all of the care package contents (and each box comes with a handwritten message on a card of your choice. We have some amazing cards from the talented Emily McDowell :)

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      What a beautiful business and mission xoxo

    • Denise says...

      This made me tear up. Bless you!

    • Elle says...

      What a wonderful concept, and a beautiful way to honor your sister. The blog posts on how to navigate loss and grief and how to be helpful to others navigating loss and grief are a great bonus. I especially love that the items are made by women and Black-owned businesses. Wish I had known about this sooner. It’s bookmarked now!

    • Robin says...

      So lovely. Thank you for sharing.

  69. I’m a brooklyn-based letterpress printer, and if you’re looking for holiday cards this year, look no further!

    A huge thank you to everyone who supports a small business this holiday season.

    • Becki says...

      Love your cards – made us laugh out loud! And then we ordered them..

    • Becky–thanks so much! they’re on the way to you soon ;)

  70. Lindsay says...

    A little advice to help out anyone else struggling with feeling overwhelmed during these times of never-ending work and housework and Zoom calls –

    This week my boyfriend suggested that I start asking myself – “How can I best be helped?” and then ask for EXACTLY that.

    We all know that the people we love are there to help us but I’ve never thought to stop and truly think about how best I could be helped in that moment. I don’t actually need you to take out the trash but I do need you to vacuum the bedroom! It’s made me feel so much less alone – I can always ask for help and not just any help but the help I really need.

    • Isabella says...

      This is awesome! Thanks for sharing this bit of wisdom!

  71. Laura says...

    Checking the Friday Cup of Jo post is a serious bright spot as I head into these weird pandemic weekends as a solo parent. THANK YOU!

  72. This is so fun!!

    I make watercolors!! Creating them is my me time after teaching art to kiddos all day =)

  73. Sonia Cohen says...

    What an amazing picture of President Obama!!!

  74. Mary G says...

    Please support my friend’s shop Onatah General in Indianapolis. She carries over 100 women-owned small businesses in her shop and regularly gives back to the community-

    • Michelle says...

      that link didn’t work for me, but I found the shop here:

    • K says...

      Agree. it’s so delicious. I am intrigued about 2 different types of bread though. Someone please pit these two recipes together and tell me who the winner is.

  75. We’re in Canada, but I bet many other CoJ readers are too. My partner and his small team of ceramic artists make beautiful nature-inspired (like tree, mountain, mushroom, etc.) mugs and tumblers in Victoria, B.C.

    • Susannah Machelak says...

      And on Instagram @handsonclaycollective ❤️

    • Laura Wilder-Senger says...

      I’m a long time reader and I live in the Lower Mainland! Yay, I can’t wait to check it out:)

    • Jen says...

      Lauren, your wreaths are exquisite! Wish I had discovered them in time for the holidays!

    • nadine says...

      Thank you Susannah for sharing. Your ceramics are gorgeous. I bookmarked your website.

  76. I’m a graphic designer with a small Etsy shop of digital prints! I literally just started it a few months ago after YEARS of toying with the idea…but then I thought…no better time than 2020! I haven’t had the chance to upload a Christmas Word Search print – but message me on Etsy if you’d like to see one. 😬

    • Such incredible, original prints! Love this. Saved to favorite shops 💕

  77. Kay says...

    2 of my friends have their own organic spice blends company. Their blends are everything. They make dinner so easy. I just marinate the meat or veggies with the spice blend the night before and then cook it the next day- there’s so much flavor. My favorite is the NYC halal cart- which when used tastes just like the halal carts chicken over rice, Taco & Fajita seasoning and Chai Confection. Run by 2 Muslim women of color, they put a lot of love in their blends.

  78. CoJ has the nicest commenters! How great to ask for a maker list. I’ve been reading this blog for a long time, a decade maybe?! Thanks for letting us follow along with you for so long Joanna! ❤️ My goods for mamas and babes are at

  79. Love this idea! I’m an ATL-based floral designer and artist—I began photographing flowers inspired by Old Masters paintings from home during COVID, and I now sell prints and notecards of my work online ( I’m releasing a collection of new work next week, just in time for holiday gifting!

    More current work & pretty flowers on Instagram: @brooke_from_scratch

    Thanks so much for giving a spotlight to CoJ makers. It means a lot :)

    • Naseem says...

      Brooke! Your work is BEAUTIFUL!! Wow. Might order your cards for my boyfriends mom’s Christmas gift.

      Also hello from another ATL based small biz owner :)

    • Ani says...

      Brooke makes unbelievably beautiful art – and it is seriously beautiful, go look! – but beyond that, she is one of the most all-around talented and hard-working people you’ll ever meet. I have one of her prints hanging in my home and whenever I need to send anyone a card, it’s always one of hers (and I always get compliments on them).

      In the interest of full disclosure, Brooke is my best friend and platonic soulmate. That may make it seem like I’m biased, but honestly, you’d be biased if you knew her, too. She is the best person, and just thinking about how much I love her makes me cry. She’s also a true artist; I have marveled at her brilliant and other-worldly ideas for our entire adult lives, and I can’t wait to see what she does next.

    • ale n. says...

      wow, Brooke! your work is beautiful.

    • Jen says...

      Gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing!

  80. 2 textile designers having fun creating a line of Jacquard woven products that are made entirely out of a PA weaving mill’s leftover yarns. Textile upcycling, zero waste manufacturing

    • Julie says...

      This sounds amazing Joy – what is the name of the business?

  81. I just launched my first website this afternoon selling my handmade contemporary stained glass art! Come by and see me!!!

    Carrie 🥂

    • Carrie Shusta says...

    • Anna says...

      Wow, those are gorgeous!

    • Em says...

      Awesome! Have bookmarked your site. Looking for stained glass art and this is great stuff!

    • Dana says...

      😍 I’m just now realizing I need a subtle, pretty piece of stained glass for the window I gaze out of 80% of my waking (wfh) hours!

  82. Thanks for the open door invitaiton to post about small businesses! I create knitting- themed embroidery kits that come with everything you need to stitch the design. You can check them out here, if interested:

    • Ooo! Oo! Look what I can do!! :) 👋Please visit For funky, sculptural, metal jewelry and airplant hangers. 🙏 Happy Holidays!

  83. CMG says...

    ok, Great Bear Lodge, British Columbia and a Humpback whale sighting is now on my “when we can travel again” wish list! Dreaming of the day…

  84. Laura says...

    I have to plug my mom’s store – Found in Ann Arbor, MI
    She showcases lots of amazing local artists and just celebrated 15 years of business!

    • Gilli says...

      The ceramic yoga rabbits are the cutest!

    • E says...

      I live in Ann Arbor and LOVE Found! Every visit feels like a very easy treasure hunt because there’s treasure everywhere.

  85. Molly says...

    I love this idea!!

    Handmade ceramics @molly.geller.ceramics on Instagram.

    Thank you for the space to do this.
    Happy thanksgiving 🍁

  86. Thank you Johanna!!

    Visit for all your secondhand designer needs! We have Ulla Johnson, Chanel, Gucci- we’ve got it!! Also worth noting- we offer COMPLIMENTARY pickup throughout New York City and New Jersey so if you’re looking to consign, we are here to make it easy:)


  87. Ari says...

    I don’t have a small business, but I want to give a shout out to Frères Branchiaux, three Black brothers making candles in DC (my heart!):

    I had to place my order for Christmas before posting; I didn’t want them to sell out of the ones I wanted :)

    • Sharon M says...

      Just ordered…thank you for highlighting this company!

    • Elle says...

      What a wonderful business! Thanks for sharing.

  88. I love your Friday posts before an upcoming weekend. They’ve become a sort of a ritual for me. As in – now the weekend is allowed to begin. Thank you! I am also a maker of whimsical illustrated ceramics. They are here:

    • Ooooh your work is fantastic!!

    • Angela says...

      These are beautiful!!! Saving!

    • Rebecca says...

      They are absolutely beautiful!! I love your ornaments!

    • nadine says...

      Love your style! Thank you for sharing!

    • Sarah says...

      Beautiful work. It was a pleasure to browse.

  89. C says...

    A good friend of mine lost her mother last year and has decided to close her beautiful leather handbag business.

    From her closing annoucement:
    “I launched this brand five years ago, inspired and energized, ready to be an antidote to the world of fast fashion. ⁠Two years ago I became a mother, and last year, I lost my own. ⁠
    Loss has a not-so-subtle hand in priority shaping and between motherhood, my immense grief and a global pandemic, this wonderful company that used to fill my cup, started to deplete it. ⁠
    So, all of this is to say: I’m turning the page. I am so proud of what I built and I will always look back on this dream of dreams, grateful that I was able to pursue something so freely and completely. Thank you, so much, for being a part of it all. ⁠”

    Every detail down to the exquisite packaging is made here in the USA and they are heavily discounted. Please take a look!

    • Louisa says...

      those are stunning. thanks for sharing.

  90. Julie says...

    This comments section is making me cry! All week I’ve been planning on spending the weekend finding small businesses online I can buy Christmas presents from – and here’s a whole list from a community I love dearly. My goal this Christmas is to buy everything that I can from a small business (though I did buy my dad a pair of Nikes because he’s a size 15 shoe and used to collect sneakers before times got hard). So excited to peruse everyone’s links. Happy weekend!!

  91. i LOVE this. I’ve clicked everyone’s links and what a cool community this is!

    I’m not a maker, but I do run a small family business that guides leaders in creating extraordinary cultures that deliver breakthrough results.

    We have a 5-star rated leadership book, The Transformative Leader:
    We offer services (speaking, coaching, consulting, workshops — all virtual at the moment):
    And we just launched a community for leaders, called On The Court!:

    Here’s our tagline: Make the most of the training and development (tools and skills) you already have by cultivating the mindset necessary to boldly declare, courageously pursue, and abundantly achieve the extraordinary, at work and in life.

    Thanks so much Joanna for giving us space to share!

    Also the whale video had me close to tears! How majestic.

  92. Thanks for the invite to share our small shoppes!

    I make personalized “What I love about you” poem prints for sisters, moms, best friends and all the other important ladies in your life, available at !

    • Tara says...

      I was stumped for my sisters 30th!! Just ordered a print – beautiful idea Beka!!

  93. LS says...

    Knowing the impact Cup of Jo can have on sales (and a rough idea of the cost of sponsored posts) I am so impressed you chose this reader’s comment – and linked to her store.

    Cup of Jo fam, I don’t know Leslie, but let’s crash her site this weekend and give her a wonderful early holiday present in the form of lots and lots of orders.

    We can’t solve the world’s problems, but we can help solve Leslie’s, and I love the idea of this community coming together to support each other when we need it.

    • Lisa says...

      This is an awesome idea. Love!

  94. Maria says...

    My close friend is a jewelry designer based out of Calgary, Canada. She custom made me and my spouse’s wedding bands and is also just a delightful human being –

  95. Sarah says...

    Hooray! I’m an illustrator that does custom house and building portraits:

    Can’t wait to check out the other makers on here.

    • Susan says...

      I love your buildings, Sarah!

    • Dana W says...

      Sarah- was just on Etsy looking for house drawings/watercolors, and so happy to have found you here!

  96. This is so kind. I’m a singer, and my site with the albums I’ve produced is:
    The music is a mix of jazz, standards, Broadway, and a little pop and country too. Performing is not happening much right now, so I’m so grateful for the ideas of getting people’s work out into the world.

    Thank you to Joanna and CoJ for wanting to spotlight all the makers!
    Lots of love and virtual hugs to everyone xoxoxo illana

    • Becki says...

      Beautiful! I love your work! And then I placed an order, so glad you posted on Cup of Jo!

  97. Funny you should ask :)

    I just spun up an Etsy shop this week to raise money for Fair Fight Action! Everything in the shop has a sliding scale payment scheme, and I’m hoping that the items (stickers, mugs, totes!!) will give us some levity as we get through this last bit of a really challenging year.

  98. Marisa says...

    I’m so excited to look at all these amazing sites! I’m a painter with a passion for color- landscapes, still life, and custom bridal bouquets. Please take a look, if you’d like:

  99. Susan says...

    I’d love to see COJ feature more small shops and especially in an independent post vs comments.

    Always but especially now it feels good to support people/artisans/makers/families instead of large, unfeeling businesses. SHOP SMALL!!

  100. Kristy says...

    if anyone would be interested in a pure silver gua sha, it’s my latest favorite thing i’ve added to my designs! xx

  101. Hello fellow Cup of Jo readers. I’m not a maker, but I run a small business with my mom selling vintage Native American jewelry. We’re both from the southwest and its always been a huge part of our life. Check Desert Stone Vintage out on Etsy!
    And on IG @DesertStoneVintage


  102. Hi Joanna,
    I own a fair trade children’s clothing brand. We are doing a site wide 30% (COUPON: SHOPSMALL30) off to help people get some adorable causal holiday wear for their kids. Website below:

  103. Hi everyone,

    Thank you for posting Leslie and the CoJ team!

    Leah here with Herd Supply Co – I make sheep’s milk soap, felted dryer balls, and standard sized pillows, and a few other things with wool and sheep’s milk sourced from family sheep farms in New England (my own family has a sheep and produce farm is in central CT, which is what kicked this off!). With over 1,000 sheep breeds, I wanted to showcase ways wool from lesser known sheep breeds could be used. Our mix this year is East Friesian, Romney, Texel, and Dorset.

    Why sheep’s milk? It has among the highest fat content of any milk, which will leave skin soft and hydrated.

    Why wool? It’s the original high performance material. Wool is hypoallergenic, fire / dust mite / mold resistant, breathable, and biodegradable. and have everything listed!

    Happy to answer any and all questions related to sheep and wool if I can. You can find me on Instagram at :)

    • Joyce says...

      can’t wait to buy these stunning soaps for several of my girlfriends for Christmas!! xoxo.

    • Jane says...

      Your shop is amazing! I’m so intrigued by the wool pillows!

    • Hi Joyce and Jane!

      Thank you for the comments! Joyce, the soaps will be on the way next week :)

      Jane, here’s the pillow saga in two parts:
The current update: The scoured wool arrives to our farm this week from the mill. I’m waiting on the law labels for the pillows and then we can get them going… hoping everything falls in place to start mailing the first batch in later this winter (fingers crossed!).

      The larger story: I learned last year that nearly 40% of American wool goes to waste annually. It’s a great material and I wanted to change that, partially because I want to support our hardworking small farmers, and partially because I am worried about the amount of polyfill and plastics in our home goods – so I thought a natural fiber option pillow would check both boxes. I spent last summer with a friend’s mom coming up with the design. When I was happy with that, I had Jeanne, a talented seamstress recommended by a friend, make 12 prototypes that I sent to testers to give me feedback – and so far everyone likes it! Most use it for sleeping, and one said he liked it better for reading because it was more supportive than his pillow. When I was confident that I’d move forward with the project, I sourced 1,000 pounds of wool from four New England farms (three in CT and one in ME), which should make about 275 pillows. They’re covered in a hemp/cotton blend, quilted, and fully adjustable so people can add / remove wool to their liking. We’ll see how it goes, but there’s a lot more wool out there, so I hope they will be a hit because it’s a good application for the wool! Maybe next year I can source 2,000 pounds – you never know!

      The friend who put me in touch with Jeanne owns Gamine Workwear. I love her clothes which are modern, unfussy, and made domestically.

    • Hi Joyce and Jane!

      Thank you for the comments! The soaps will be on the way next week :)

      Jane, here’s the pillow saga in two parts:
The current update: The scoured wool arrives to our farm this week from the mill. I’m waiting on the law labels for the pillows and then we can get them going… hoping everything falls in place to start mailing the first batch in later this winter (fingers crossed!).

      The larger story: I learned last year that nearly 40% of American wool goes to waste each year. It’s a great material and I wanted to change that, partially because I want to support our hardworking small farmers, and partially because I am worried about the amount of polyfill and plastics in our home goods – so I thought a natural fiber option pillow would check both boxes! I spent last summer with a friend’s mom coming up with the design. When I was happy with that, I had Jeanne, a talented seamstress, make 12 prototypes that I sent to testers to give me feedback – and so far everyone likes it! Most use it for sleeping, and one said he liked it better for reading because it was more supportive than his pillow. When I was confident that I’d move forward with the project, I sourced 1,000 pounds of wool from four New England farms (three in CT and one in ME), which should make about 275 pillows. They’re covered in a hemp/cotton blend, quilted, and fully adjustable so people can add / remove wool to their liking. We’ll see how it goes, but there’s a lot more wool out there, so I hope they will be a hit because it’s a good application for the wool! Maybe next year I can source 2,000 pounds – you never know!

  104. Sarah says...

    Oh I love the idea of supporting CoJ makers! If any other UK readers have small stores or businesses I’d love to read about them and support x

  105. Love this! Can’t wait to check out all of these.

    Coast and Cove – a women-owned jewelry company made by artists in the US!

  106. If you love wearable, carefully cared for vintage clothing, check out

    Chin up guys, we’re going to be clearer and better able to shape our shared future after all this 💘✨

  107. This year I created a 2021 Healthy Drinks Calendar – feel grounded, be inspired & stay healthy! Other illustrated and hand lettered greeting cards, prints & tea towels in my shop too.

    Thank you for asking for makers sites :)

    • Cami says...

      I love this!!! Definitely buying at least one.

    • Claire,

      I’d love to have a friend as thoughtful and kind as you. Thanks for sharing the work of your friends. As a creative-sincere, selfless support means everything!

    • Em says...

      I have been to Austin twice; discovered Yard Dog the first time and visited it again 8 years later. Such a wonderful shop!

    • Claire says...

      Oh no I did the Intergalactic Tea link wrong! here it is:

      (EM: I bought a t-shirt from Yard Dog with an octopus on it and I LOVE it! I now have the coolest t-shirt in my house, and it upped my cool quotient. This was good because I am hopelessly square! ;) )

  108. I love this week’s “Have a Good Weekend” Post for several reasons. The pic of President Obama warmed my heart and, Joanna, thank you for linking the photographer who shot that charming “smize”. She’s so inspiring and I’m following her work now-thanks to you.

    I wrote a beautiful book of affirmations titled: AUTHENTIC this year. I chose to self publish which was empowering and terrifying. The affirmations kept/keep me sane during a year of trying, isolating moments. The book is an excellent gift or addition to a well-deserved self care day.

    P.S. I love this community ♥️

    • Long time reader and fan! We partner with artists to design and produce throw blankets and sweatshirts made in the US. You can find us at

    • Em says...

      YES! When I was a kid, we would get a new puzzle to do as a family every Christmas. I’ve decided to begin the tradition in our home now that our girls are a bit older (and I’ve rediscovered my love of puzzles – thanks Covid!). These are wonderful. Will be ordering for sure. Thanks Tania

    • Robin says...

      These puzzles are wonderful! I am going to order “Costume Party” for my daughter for Christmas. Thanks for the tip!

    • CMG says...

      Your site looks so cool!

  109. Jenny says...

    A CoJ Makers page would actually be amazing though!

    • Robin says...

      Yes! And can it be sorted by place? I know there are lots of Canadian readers and I try to shop local as much as I can. xox

  110. Stella says...

    I don’t understand stuffing! What is it? BREAD SALAD?

    • This made me chortle. Thank you! (And you definitely have a point…)

    • Favi says...

      This made me laugh! Because yes it is and I love it!

    • Charlotte K says...

      Dressing? It’s called stuffing because it used to be stuffed in the bird, but if it’s on the side, a lot of people call it “dressing” instead. Some people do still stuff it in the bird, but it increases the cooking time and has to be remove after cooking (according to some health guidelines). When cooked inside the bird, it absorbs a lot of the juices.

      It’s like a savory bread pudding only (usually) without eggs. Some people use fresh(er) bread, some people use stale bread.

      For me, it’s a base of onions, herbs and celery sauteed, then stale/dried bread, with sometimes sausage, oysters, apples, etc. I mix it all up with turkey broth made from wings, neck, etc. and then bake it. It has softness and crispiness, which is my ideal combo of textures, plus all the savory flavors.

  111. Sonia says...

    Check out @resinbyri.a on Instagram! Small, woman of color owned shop that hand makes resin items with love including earrings, letter key chains, jewelry boxes and more! Thanks for supporting small businesses!

  112. i started a small 14k gold filled jewelry business during quarantine! everything is 14k gold filled & I can do custom pieces- bracelets, necklaces, mask chains, etc.

    my site is:

    Instagram is:

    would love for people to take a look either on the site or insta!
    love this COJ community!

    • Such a gorgeous shop!

  113. Amazing, lightweight, adorable handmade clay earrings by Purely Clay Co. My full-time-college-student stepdaughter started this business during quarantine and does amazing work! Check her out at

    Great for inexpensive holiday gifts for your best friend, favorite mama or MIL or teacher gifts!

  114. Joanna, thanks so much for inviting us to share our small businesses! I founded Small Packages. We do care packages for every occasion: from the great celebrations, like birthdays and new babies, to the not-so-great ones, like break-ups and illness. We’re trying to make it WAY easier to keep our relationships strong and thriving.
    Our Holiday box has Kate Baer’s new book, What Kind of Woman. We could NOT be more stoked to feature our favorite poet :)

    • Lauren H says...

      Such a cute idea! I have saved your site as an idea for three girlfriends who have birthdays early in the calendar.

    • ale n. says...

      these are awesome, julie!

  115. Julie says...

    This is seriously the best community. I love that small makers are going to be listing their shops here. Just ordered some coasters from Leslie’s shop for my husband’s stocking. They look beautiful and are such a cool design!

    • Eloise says...

      Leslie’s totes have me drooling. Am seriously considering starting a piggy bank fund for when (if) I ever leave the house again!

  116. At the start of the pandemic I created a monthly newsletter for kids featuring original stories and poems plus book recs and creative activities. I offer print subscriptions that include additional stories and illustrations and give kids some happy mail to look forward to every month. Full year and six month subscription options are available and they can easily be purchased as gifts!

    • Krista says...

      My 3 year old and I love Claire’s newsletter! It’s a highlight in our house. If your child loves getting mail (who doesn’t?!) and reading fun stories I highly recommend! It’s perfect for gifting too.

  117. Jenna says...

    The humpback whales made me teary-eyed, how cool!

  118. Alexandra says...

    Joanna, could we get an updated Beauty Uniform for you??? Loving your recommendations lately!

    • Ml says...


  119. Robyn says...

    My husband makes lovely vintage-style acoustic guitars:
    I like to think that they are future heirlooms that will be loved and shared for generations.

    • I’m a farmer florist creating beauty and comfort for your hearth this holiday with beautiful wreaths.

  120. If you’re looking for watercolors from Alaska, I’ve got you covered!

    Can’t wait to peruse the shops in these comments and support fellow creatives! xo

    • Andrea says...

      Jill, I’m in Anchorage… I love your work! Beautiful representation of our state! Definitely will buy some!

    • Joyce says...

      Just wanted to say I have been off of Instagram for a month or so now, and I miss seeing your beautiful work there, Katie! You won’t regret following @ramblingsketcher :)

    • Marisa says...

      As someone who has three of her watercolors prominently on display at home, Katie’s work is truly stunning and she is an amazing artist.

      Also, she is a great friend and beautiful person. (Hi hedgehog dearest!!!) I love how we live 3000 miles apart, but can catch each other in the cup of jo comments section :)

    • Oh my gosh, Joyce, thank you! If you’re interested in keeping up with my work off of IG you can sign up for my email list ❤

      Marisa! I miss you, Sparrow Darling! Love catching you here (and you just made me cry) but we should really catch up via zoom soon. The Cupofjo comments are really the best place!

    • Kate the Great says...

      I would genuinely like to know: where are Society6’s products printed?

  121. I live for the gift guides!!! And just when I couldn’t love Obama any more…*heart eyes*

    Shameless maker plug.. custom watercolor home portraits<3

    • Caitlin says...

      i LOVE these!!! you are so talented, jenny!

  122. kate says...

    Can I promote someone else’s small business? I don’t know the maker, but I stumbled upon August Ink’s work in a shop local to me in Toronto, and I am obsessed. I have been wearing her BE KIND sweatshirt every day for weeks:

    And the Toronto, Canada,-based store I found it from, which has an amazing self-care focus:

    • I know the Crying Out Loud owners, who are a group of friends who have all experienced loss and grief. Their shop is delicately curated with the most thoughtful and comforting gifts for grieving friends. It’s lovely!

      Thanks for sharing, Kate – hi from also-Toronto!

    • Robin says...

      Thank you for introducing me to this store! It’s lovely.

  123. Love this so much! What a wonderful community.
    My partner and I have recently launched Boy Blue Coffee & Goods
    and we are delivering pasta, sauces, breads, and pastries to Manhattan and Brooklyn. We’d love for you to take a look!

  124. Always look forward to the weekly round-up!
    I’m a landscape painter, working in gouache. Work can be seen at (due for a shop update, motherhood + work + grad school is taking up a lot of time!)

    • Sage says...

      Beautiful work!

  125. Rhea Q. says...

    Thank you for introducing me to Shaniqwa Jarvis!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      she’s an amazing follow on instagram!