young frankk chain bracelet

young frankk chain bracelet

One of the beautiful chain bracelets she’s been seeing around, $92. (This smaller one is pretty, too.)

urem milk candle

Milk candle, $36, which doubles as a sculpture for her bookcase.

Ovenly cookies

The softest, most scrumptious cookies in New York City. $42 for a dozen.

A year-long print subscription to New York Magazine for its fantastic articles and photography. $35.

Checked house slippers, $95, for padding around all winter. (Or $40 cuties.)

Mittens, $60, to provide cozy hand-holding on winter walks. (These cashmere texting gloves are great, too.)

We’re Not Really Strangers, $30, a game that asks fascinating questions to deepen your relationship.

Stackable wine glasses, $36 for six, made in Italy.

A weighted blanket, $259, to put gentle pressure on her body and make her feel safe, comforted and relaxed. Because 2020.

A donation in her name to SAY: The Stuttering Association for the Young, since some of her favorite people have stutters (including Joe Biden!).

A love note and a kiss. $5.

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