halloween Brooklyn by Alison Piepmeyer

What are you up to this weekend? We are doing a Halloween candy scavenger hunt around the apartment and making these glow-in-the-dark drinks. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few links from around the web…

53 compelling reasons to vote. (New York Times)

The trailer for season four of The Crown.

Love these bird portraits.

On multiple friends’ recommendations, I tried this and it makes skin look SO dewy.

Wow, interviews with Titanic survivors.

How should Black and Latinx people sound in movies? “There’s nothing worse than a Mexican character who sounds like an Argentinian or a Spaniard… Or actors who say seven things in Spanish, and then miraculously switch to English.” (New York Times)

What a cool kids’ bathroom.

Comedic actress Rachel Bloom shares how she learned to have an orgasm.

Children’s book covers reimagined in modernist style.

50 pies, 50 states.

LaTonya Yvette’s playlist for waiting in line to vote.

Plus, two reader comments:

Says Hannah on 12 readers share their cozy corners: “I didn’t expect to be moved when I clicked on this piece – but it is such a quietly beautiful thing to be allowed into other people’s homes and see what makes them feel safe and calm and cared for.”

Says Jenny on an engagement story: “I wanted to feel chosen, valuable, rare. I wanted to feel like life celebrations could be for me, too. Gals, I’m from rural Montana and I grew up desperately poor, chubby, and odd. For my senior prom, a mom who went to belly dance class with me made her son ask me. I had recently shaved my head and wore a gold caftan with gold glitter on my scalp to the prom (I emphasize again, in rural Montana!). It was an utterly fabulous aesthetic, but that boy, outmatched and dismayed, left me at prom and the principal had to drive me home. So many things haven’t been for me because I was too poor, too fat, from the Rez. I was dazzled by the idea of being chosen and everybody knowing it. I married at 22, with a men’s turquoise pinky ring from the pawn shop by the Missoula courthouse. I’m divorced now, of course. My life is very different. But my sister had a ring made for me of two silver rabbits, complete with tails, who are either embracing or fighting, just like sisters. She has chosen me, and keeps on choosing me, as a person to love. That ring is my favorite possession. And the things that used to feel like they were keeping me out were making me into myself, a fierce caftan enthusiast who goes to Stanford Med and sleeps in the very middle of the bed.”

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(Photo by Alison Piepmeyer/Instagram.)