Madewell x Kule collaboration

I’ve been a fan of the brand Kule for years (I’ve worn their windbreaker eight million times), and today they launched a fantastic collaboration with Madewell: Madewell x Kule. Those stripes are on fire! I especially love the colors of this shirt, which you could wear all fall and winter.

During quarantine, we’ve fallen into a lunch habit: potato buns, sliced turkey, sliced cheddar and coleslaw. And damn, it is good enough to have every day, over and over, staring into the abyss. So, I’ve been on the lookout for good coleslaw recipes, including this Amateur Gourmet version. “Coleslaw is very personal,” he says. “Reading my coleslaw is like reading my journal. I’d really rather you didn’t. In fact, I think we should stop here. I didn’t want to talk about my coleslaw, and you made me. I’m not angry, but I’m not not angry.” Haha, find his loose recipe here.

I usually hate drinking out of water bottles (with their tiny openings, metallic taste, etc.), but this version solves those problems. It feels like a regular cup! We toted ours all over the place this summer.

This Brooklyn apartment is full of playful shapes — from wiggly side tables to round lamps. See the whole thing here, if you’d like.

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P.P.S. How to vote and how to help. (Are you watching the debate tonight?)

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