babysitters club

babysitters club

Ten-year-old Toby has a new obsession: The Babysitters Club. First, he devoured the TV series (it’s excellent), and now he’s tearing through the graphic novels. The middle school characters are super smart, funny and kind, and Toby says, “I’d want them to be my friends.” — Joanna

window swap

Tired of staring through your own window day after day? I love Window Swap, where you can instantly see the view through someone else’s window around the world, from India to Chile to Austria (above). — Joanna

jcrew chambray shirt

All the clothes I want to wear right now are loose and breezy, so this (perfect fitting) chambray shirt and drawstring linen pants feel like the ideal outfit. You could wear it all day — talking on zoom, walking around the neighborhood, and sitting on the stoop having an Aperol Spritz. — Joanna

Black Frasier

Phoebe Robinson — of 2 Dope Queens fame — is launching an interview-advice hybrid podcast called Black Frasier on August 11th. Phoebe (who has never seen an episode of Frasier) will interview a new celebrity guest every week and dole out helpful, hilarious life advice. Hear a sneak peek here! – Kim

P.S. More fun things, and TV shows to watch as a couple.

(Window swap via Swissmiss.)

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