uno family game

Last week, we got a request from a reader names Catherine: “Could you please, please, please have a post where readers submit favorite year-round rituals from their childhood or ones that they’ve started doing for their children? My daughter is at the age where we’d like to create fun traditions, and I know the Cup of Jo community would be a gold mine. Weekly, annual, mundane, extravagant, I want ALL the ideas.”

First, here’s one of ours: Before dinners at restaurants, we always play a game of Uno. We’ll usually play it at home beforehand, or in a hotel lobby if we’re on vacation, but sometimes we’ll play it at the table before the food arrives. The game is often accompanied by wine for the grownups and juice (or Shirley Temples) for the kids. It’s such a fun ritual and helps set a relaxed tone for a family dinner out. That’s all, short and sweet!

Now, please share below what fun things you do regularly with kids in your lives — and let the inspiration begin! xoxo

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