A Week of Outfits: Ayana Lage

Ayana Lage lives with her husband Vagner (her high-school crush!) in Tampa, Florida, and they’re expecting a baby girl this August. “Depending on what I’m wearing, people wouldn’t guess I’m pregnant,” she says. “Although now I’ve reached the point where I’m waddling a little bit, so they probably know what’s up.” Here, Ayana shows us five maternity looks she wore in a week…

A Week of Outfits: Ayana Lage

Dress: Stitch Fix by Skies are Blue, similar. Shoes: Naot, similar. Earrings: Lisi Lirch. Necklace: Made by Mary.

“Right now, I’m a size 16, and pre-pregnancy I was a 14. Shopping is easier for me than someone who is bigger than me walking into a store and finding nothing that fits — but it can still be frustrating because lots of stores don’t have clothes that are my size or that look good on my body type. So, when I find a style that works for me, I stick with it. A wrap dress is one of those styles.”

Dress: Amazon. Sweater: Vineyard Vines, similar. Shoes: Naot, similar. Mask: Beautickled. Necklace: Made by Mary. Bag: Sseko, similar.

“When I found the body positivity movement, I was really energized by it. But because I’m so hard on myself, I immediately felt like a fraud: I can’t call myself body positive if I don’t love every inch of my body every single day. Then I discovered the concept of body neutrality. Instead of focusing on finding yourself beautiful, it’s realizing that beauty isn’t one of your most important qualities. How you look doesn’t impact you’re worth as a human. That shift has helped me in how I view myself during pregnancy, too. Instead of trying to feel positive about going up a size, I spend less time thinking about my body overall.”

A Week of Outfits: Ayana Lage

Jumpsuit: ban.do. Shoes: Naot, similar. Earrings: Lisi Lirch. Necklace: Made by Mary.

“These peep-toe booties are really comfortable. I used to agonize over what colors to pick at the nail salon, but two years ago, an influencer I follow said she always paints her nails white. And I was like, that is genius. Because I live in Florida, it’s always kind of summer, so white works year round and goes with everything.”

A Week of Outfits: Ayana Lage

Dress: Target. Shoes: Similar. Earrings: Lisi Lirch. Necklace: Made by Mary.

“I own this Target dress in three colors. It has been my pregnancy uniform. Our baby girl is due in August. I had a miscarriage before this with our son, Jed. I hadn’t realized how common miscarriage was until it happened to me and people started reaching out. That was really, really surprising to me, and comforting for sure. My husband gave me a memorial necklace that I wear every day. It has his name — Jed — and a little drawing of holly because my due date was in December. It’s super special.”

A Week of Outfits: Ayana Lage

Loungewear set: American Eagle, similar. Sneakers: Similar, similar.

“It’s temping to stay in your pajamas all day when you’re working from home. But I try to change into loungewear, which basically means nicer pajamas. My other pregnancy must-haves are a belly support band, maternity leggings (love yourself! do not stuff your pregnant body into regular leggings!!!), a portable fan for hot flashes and breath mints because I’m always nauseous.”

Thank you so much, Ayana!

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(Photos by Vagner Lage, Ayana’s husband.)

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