tawny chatmon redemption

What are you up to this weekend? We are having important conversations with the boys and it’s been interesting how they bring things up and ask questions at random times, like when we’re on a walk or in the car. They’re really thinking things over. The pacing of the conversations — in snippets here and there — reminds me of talking to kids about deaths in the family. They absorb these larger issues slowly throughout the day. Hope you have a restful one, and here are a few links from around the web…

Oh my gosh, these beautiful portraits.

A short history of housing segregation in America.

Unfinished portraits of Black people killed by police officers.

A 400-square-foot London loft. The mirror makes it look so much bigger!

The trailer for Pete Davidson’s new movie, The King of Staten Island.

How to raise anti-racist kids.

What ‘defund the police’ really means.

What happens to all the unhugged hugs? (New Yorker)

Beautiful bathing suits.

The secrets to Carla Hall’s buttermilk biscuits.

Plus, two reader comments:

Says RA on how I feel right now as a Black woman: “I can’t explain how much I relate to this as a black woman who also grew up in predominately white spaces with predominately white friends. Finding myself reflected in (both black and white) stories has been so hard, but I felt like I was reading my own thoughts when reading your essay. Thank you.”

Says Calla on how I feel right now as a Black woman: “I’m embarrassed to say I did not know anything about the Tulsa Race Massacre until watching The Watchmen. It was touched upon very briefly (maybe a paragraph) in my American history high school textbook but I’m pretty sure it was branded a ‘riot’ not a ‘massacre.’ Incredible the difference a single word can make in terms of how you instantly perceive an event.”

(Portrait by Tawny Chatmon.)