Eric ripert salmon

Eric ripert salmon

Is anyone else obsessed with chef Eric Ripert’s Instagram right now? During normal times Ripert is a Michelin-starred chef and owner of New York’s Le Bernardin. But these days, he’s just like the rest of us, stuck at home and cooking for his family night after night. (After night, after night!) But, like most chefs, generosity is in his blood, and he’s been instagramming the most wonderful home cooking video tutorials for all of his fans to enjoy. From an unpretentious potato-leek soup, to a dramatic banana flambé, and everything in between, his videos (and his cooking) are not in any way slick or produced, which makes them all the more charming. Last night we made his salmon and red wine sauce, using only his videos as a guide and it was perfect. I’m telling you, there’s nothing I want more than for him to go back to work, but for now, it’s a silver lining I will accept with pleasure. — Jenny

cheree berry paper notecards

My friend Liz sent me a Mother’s Day card on this beautiful colorful stationery. It stood out so cheerfully among a stack of bills, and now I want to send little notes to everyone I love (and miss!). — Joanna

To be honest, I was a little afraid to read Stray, a memoir about growing up in a family touched by tragedy and addiction. Would it be too dark? Too sad? Too hard? When I finally sat down to read it, I flew through it in one day. “You’re really into that book, huh?” said my boyfriend, who couldn’t help but notice how engrossed I was. It was just as dark and sad and hard as I expected, but also brilliant and gorgeous and moving and true. When I reached the final page, I cried — tears of catharsis and also pride for the author for writing this wonderfully courageous book. Deeply, enthusiastically recommended. – Caroline

jcrew sale

Quick head’s up: If you’re looking for summer staples, J. Crew is offering up to 60% off your purchase with code HISUMMER. I especially love these everyday sandals and soft shorts. Go forth! — Joanna

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