7 Spring Trends 2020

Want a mental break from all the heaviness? Let’s escape by talking about spring trends. Many of us are chilling on our sofas in sweats — but trends are still fun to see and analyze, right? For kicks, tell us what you think of these seven looks…

1. Tiered dresses. The bottom of these dresses look like cascading water, and they feel loose and effortless for warm days. (This yellow one and this long one are pretty, too.)

2. Mixed stripes. We love a good stripe around here (remember this?), and these new styles shake things up a little.

3. Polka dots. Polka dots always feel cheerful, and that feels good these days. I especially love this midi skirt for easy lounging.

4. Long shorts. Long shorts — people seem to either love them or hate them. Where do you fall? (If you’re curious to try them out, this Old Navy number is only $25.)

5. Sling bags. They look like half moons (or bananas), and they’re easy to carry crossbody, either front or back.

6. Sporty sandals. We’re all into comfort these days, and sporty sandals let you walk forever without blisters. I used to wear Tevas in high school and they’re such a flashback.

7. And, the best for quarantine: Matching sweatsuits! The same color on the top and bottom, done and done.

Thoughts? Do you like these? Hate them? Please share below…

P.S. Spring trends in 2019 and 2018.

(Photo by Jackie.)

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