12 Best Family Board Games

Every night before dinner…

…nine-year-old Toby and I go out on our stoop and play a game. It has been such a nice ritual during this crazy time (when the rest of the day can feel like a chaotic free-for-all), and I look forward to it all day.

Here are the games we’ve been enjoying:

Guess Who
Apples to Apples (the kids’ version)
Too Many Monkeys
Connect Four
Heads Up

Have you played any of these?

After the boys are in bed, Alex and I will sometimes bust out one of the games, too. We’ll play Guess Who as adults by asking not about hair color and hats, but about personality traits: Is this guy super flirty? Does she interrupt a lot at her book club? And, crazily enough, you usually get the final answer right.

What other kids’ games do you like? I’d love to hear more…

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