bookcase in copenhagen

bookcase in copenhagen

I loved our first book club, and I’m excited to announce our second book…

red at the bone by jacqueline woodson

Red at the Bone by Jacqueline Woodson (Amazon, Indiebound, Books Are Magic, Thank you to all the readers who recommended it!

A New York Times bestseller, this beautiful, poetic novel starts with 16-year-old Melody’s coming of age ceremony at her grandparents’ house in Brooklyn. She wears her mother’s dress — which her mother, Iris, was supposed to wear for her own ceremony 16 years earlier — but couldn’t because she was pregnant. The novel, which moves forward and backward in time, shows how Melody’s parents and grandparents, through many ups and downs, came to this moment. “Woodson continues her sensitive exploration of what it means to be a black girl in America,” says NPR, and the New York Times calls the story “profoundly moving.”

The book is also less than 200 pages — so hopefully whoever wants to read it will be able to easily finish it. (With many bookstores closed, you can also order an eBook, if that’s easier! You can get them through Kindle, Libby or Kobo.)

Have you read it? Or would you like to? >We’ll chat about it on Cup of Jo on Tuesday, May 19th (four weeks from now). Please comment below if you’re on board! We’d love to have you. xoxo

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(Photo of bookshelves in this Copenhagen house tour.)