seagulls by lena corwin

My darlings, I’d love to take a pause to ask: What’s your life like right now? The other day, when we posted about quarantining with a partner, readers left really beautiful comments about other situations — juggling work with little kids running around, struggling with infertility and wishing little kids were running around, living solo and craving a hug, working outside the home, actually enjoying quarantine because introverts, etc. And it made me curious about what your days are like right now.

Here are some questions, if you’d like to answer:
* Where are you in the world?
* Are you living solo or with other people (and if so, whom)?
* Are you working, or passing the time in other ways?
* What’s hard right now?
* What’s bringing you joy (making, baking, playing, watching, etc.)?

My answers are:
* New York
* Hunkering down with my husband and two rowdy little boys
* Working a few hours a day on Cup of Jo and wishing I had more time!
* What’s hard: Feeling fine right now, but during these chaotic times, I’m worried about my depression returning. I’ve been thinking of all the other people with mental health issues; this is not easy.
* What’s bringing joy: Any and all signs of nature (I’ve never loved nature so much! that first gust of fresh air when you open a window, leaves growing on tree branches, daffodils poking out of the soil), watching Curb Your Enthusiasm, reading magazines and blogs (I’m especially loving Jenny’s new series), devouring comments from Cup of Jo readers, and baking Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies. Alex also made chicken parm the other night and then we watched The Hangover because we wanted to turn our brains off. Both really hit the spot.

I’d love to hear from you! Sending so much love. Please weigh in below…

P.S. My boyfriend weighs less than I do, and wholeness vs. happiness.

(Photo by Lena Corwin/Instagram.)