What Instagram accounts do you love? Fat Art History (above) explores fuller figures in artwork. It shows what muses they were — and continue to be — for artists. Here are 8 more great accounts to follow…

The anonymous illustrator behind Worry Lines tackles vulnerability and the hardships and triumphs of personal growth, in a palpable, humorous way.

Minneapolis baker Zoë François feels like your cool aunt who offers to bake your wedding cake, as soon as you get engaged. She makes breathtaking desserts, in the most attainable, you-can-definitely-do-this-too manner. The best part are her baking tutorials found in her story highlights. She plays the best background music (think: Beastie Boys and The Supremes) and dances gleefully while torching a crème brûlée. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent watching this cake tutorial — it’s absolutely mesmerizing. Blvckvrchives, started by Renata Cherlise, captures everyday moments of black people, across the African diaspora. Some are vintage photos of black celebrities, but my favorites are the beautiful, carefree moments of black families, which aren’t often seen. The best ones including home videos, like this one of a family cookout and this one from a prom in 1992! Therapist Allyson Dinneen started handwriting notes in summer of 2017 and has posted one online every day since. Her personal, tough-love notes hit home every time. Kat Logan, the co-owner of Buttercream Bakery in Sydney, Australia, does something you’ve never seen a cake artist do — she paints with buttercream. Her remarkable impressionist style will leave you wondering if you’re staring at a painting or an actual cake. (I want this one for my future wedding!)

New York From Behind is a quirky love letter to the people of New York, who know that the streets are the only runway that matters. Also a great place to look for coat inspiration!

Started by Koreen Odiney as a question card game, We’re Not Really Strangers spilled over into a deep, thoughtful visual project. Odiney created WNRS to “empower meaningful connections, to make us feel less alone, to broaden our empathy, and to reconnect with us with ourselves.” The Happy Newspaper is a quarterly newspaper that shares only good news, happening all around the world. And it ships worldwide!

What are some of your favorite Instagram accounts to follow? I’d love some recommendations…

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