Scotland by Amy Merrick

Scotland by Amy Merrick

What are you up to this weekend? We are having family friends spend the night tomorrow, and the plan is to play games after the kids go to sleep. (Hopefully they will go to sleep!:) Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

The secret to enjoying a long winter. Also, loved this cozy photo.

My kids would flip for this stocking stuffer.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge answers all the questions. (There was an alternative ending for Fleabag!)

A tiny London apartment.

A new crop of restaurants is embracing family-style, communal eating, creating a necessary spirit of communication and collaboration for our fractious times.” How cool is that?

All the hats in the Crown’s third season.

The colorful ceilings of Mumbai’s taxis.

Into this Twitter thread about small makers.

Whoa, the ocean!

Typing these two letters will scare your co-workers, haha. (New York Times)

Also, we recently featured Cup of Jo readers’ work outfits, and now we’d love to ask: What do you wear on dates? Please send a photo and short description to Thank you!

Plus two reader comments:

Says Rachael on meeting the parents: “I was SO nervous the first time I met my future in-laws! My now-husband was getting some snacks out for us all to eat while we played a board game and set a bowl of salsa and a package of Oreos next to me, then walked away. For some reason I thought that meant that his family liked to dip their Oreos in salsa…so I did…and promptly gagged just as he came back with a bowl of tortilla chips for the salsa. Trying to save face, I pretended for the rest of the night that I really loved Oreos dipped in salsa. He still teases me about it.”

Says Jacqueline on a first date moment I still think about: “My now husband and I were at a funky little restaurant for our first real date. At some point he got up and used the restroom. When I did later, I noticed that (1) there was only one bathroom for everyone to use, and (2) the walls were covered in chalkboard paint. Next to the sink was a message: ‘Jacqueline, how is your date going?’ It was so cute and out of the blue. I wrote back ‘Great! Hoping for another one…’ and hastened back to the table. He was so excited to have his gesture play out, he ran back to the bathroom to see if I’d played along about two minutes later. Sweet man.”

(Photo by Amy Merrick. Communal restaurants via Swissmiss)