Thanksgiving Question: What's Your Glark

Thanksgiving Question: What's Your Glark

Every family has one…

In our family, my mom served Orange Glark, a molded Jell-O side dish that appeared on the Thanksgiving table right alongside the turkey and stuffing. Its presence wasn’t questioned, or even really discussed. In its 20-year tenure as a regular, no one ever uttered, “I love how the brightness of the canned pineapple and mandarin orange chunks suspended inside this Jell-O so perfectly contrast with the richness of the turkey’s gravy” or wondered aloud, “Why is this even called Glark?”

In spite of the dish’s sentimental significance in our family, no one seems to know the answer to that question. All we know is that my mom, who grew up in Very West Western Pennsylvania — almost the Midwest, where Jell-O dishes were once popular — got the recipe from an old friend in the 70s, and never stopped making it. At least until her children and grandchildren started good-naturedly roasting her for it.

And now, in a shockingly unforeseen plot twist, I miss that Glark terribly! It’s what made our family’s feast our very own.

What about you all? What is the one oddball thing about your Thanksgiving table that makes your family’s feast unique?

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(Photo by Darren Muir/Stocksy.)