Which Foods DON’T You Like?

We’ve talked about delicious meals, but what foods don’t you like? Spill the beans…

My list:

Apparently, some people are genetically predisposed to dislike cilantro, says the New York Times. To my taste buds, cilantro taste like soap. (Julia Child couldn’t stand it, either.)

P.S. My all-time favorite food, and 10 handy table manners.

(Photo by Jamie Beck for Gilt Taste. Cartoon by Peter C. Vey for the New Yorker)

  1. Lisa says...

    Peanuts (almost all nuts) + Peanut Butter
    Bell Pepper
    Raw Onions
    Honey Dew
    Egg Nog

  2. NancyLou says...

    Avocados. That is all.

  3. I’m thankful for variety, but I’ll pass on durian (which my kids love), creamed corn and cherry pie.

  4. your list is remarkably similar to mine. i was reading it and it was check check check after every one

  5. I can’t stand the taste cheese, any and all kinds. It makes me gag. I also don’t like mayo , sour cream, and salad dressing. Beyond that, I’ll eat pretty much anything.

  6. What about Nutmeg?! You can make me very unhappy with food spiced with nutmeg and I am not a big fan of coriander nor parsley, I think most of the herbs actually, but I am learning! And green tea without a added flavour

    When it comes to food i am very easy. I love all fruits, vegetables, nuts, mushrooms, you name it! Except when it comes to meat

  7. I don’t like any kind of Pork (yes that includes bacon). I also do not care for milk.

  8. I don’t like any kind of Pork (yes that includes bacon). I also do not care for milk.

  9. I’m pretty picky, but the two things I hate most? Onions and cilantro. Ugh. Just the thought of either grosses me out.

  10. Reading the article, i didn’t think my list was very long, then reading the comments i realized it was! I cant stand:
    Licorice (red or black)
    tomato sauces (marina, ketchup, all of it… to acidic or something)
    Smoked anything (my mother loves smoked almonds and sometimes i accidentally eat one and am grossed out for days!)
    Lima Beans
    Cottage cheese
    and meat… it just tastes gross to me, like diseases and nastiness… except well cooked fresh wild salmon.

  11. There has to be a name for someone like me…
    I hate peanuts (and nuts, in general) but LOVE creamy peanut better.
    Can’t stand cucumbers, but I love a good smooth tzatzitki sauce>

  12. I hate mussels sooo much I can not touch them bleeee and of course the cauliflower :P

  13. I don’t like clams! I actually hate them so much bleeee and of course cauliflower is so bad :P

  14. olives
    sea urchin
    mashed potatoes
    black licorice
    twizzlers (are twizzlers even a food?)

  15. Hahaha, just reading this post now and am laughing out loud, you don’t like everything I can’t live without. Licorice is my favourite candy ever :)

  16. Curry

    Most condiments (mustard, mayo, ketchup, salad dressings, relishes, vinegar, pickles)

    Fermented food (sauerkraut, kimchi, etc.)


    Liver (don’t eat the filter) and other offal


  17. I think I may be the only person on the planet, but I really hate blueberries! They just tick me off cause they got some good press somewhere about antioxidants and now if you say you don’t like them, people just jump down your throat and scold you! I always reply with the fact that while I can’t stand blueberries, I LOVE saskatoons (“service berries” to some) and they have about 100 times the antioxidants that blueberries have. Blueberries are just so insipid and bland….I just don’t understand what people see in them. I also don’t like cooked strawberries, canned ham (ugh so slimy!), or calamari. I do love cilantro though.

  18. Boiled chicken
    Root beer
    And I know I’m crazy for this, but I HATE tomatoes. I try so hard to like them, but I just can’t.

  19. licorice – YUCK, have no idea how anyone could eat it and enjoy it!!


  20. Love this post! I love to eat, with a few exceptions:
    Bananas (though I can eat banana bread & chocolate, peanut butter & banana shakes, as long as there are NO chunks in it!)
    Rosemary (absolutely ruins food for me
    Sour Cream (as a condiment – I can handle it mixed in to things)
    Black Licorice

  21. I’m lucky enough to hate all pricey food:
    foie gras (or any kinf of pate)
    smoked salmon

    Then there is the crazy relationship with butter: I love in on bread or scones. Anywhere else – biscuits, cakes, rice, fish gravy… it just makes me gag.

  22. I just had to google cilantro and found out it is the same as what us English folks call coriander! I really really had parsnips. EW! And anchovies make me gag.

  23. I can’t stand cilantro or parsley, they both taste soapy to me and my stomach cramps after I eat them.