funny doormat

This doormat made me laugh. Managing expectations!

cinnamon projects incense

This weekend, we went to my friend’s apartment in Connecticut, and when we walked in, I couldn’t believe the amazing scent. It smelled like a bonfire — cozy, warm, fresh. It turns out that he was burning Cinnamon Projects 12 a.m. incense. I’ve never been an incense person, but I fell in love and we’ve been burning it in our home ever since. — Joanna

zero george hotel charleston

To belatedly celebrate our tenth anniversary, Alex and I are going to Charleston for a long weekend at the end of October. We’ve never been and are so excited! Do you have any recommendations for restaurants or things to do? We’re open to anything and can’t wait to explore. Update: Here’s a short recap of what we did. Thank you so much for the recommendations! — Joanna

P.S. More fun things, and the dinner-changing magic of candlesticks.

(Doormat photo by Cool Mom Picks. Charleston photo of the Zero George hotel.)