A Week of Outfits: Katie Licata

Katie Licata is a preschool teacher and a die-hard vintage fan — and of course, a dead ringer for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. “I’ve had people ask me if I’m dressing up, but I’m like, ‘No, this is just what I look like!’” Based in Suwanee, Georgia, her wardrobe is a collection of reproduction pieces, vintage eBay finds, and homemade replicas sewed by Katie herself. Here, she shares five looks she wore in a week…

A Week of Outfits: Katie LicataSweater: Modcloth, similar. Skirt: Pinup Girl Clothing, similar. Earrings: vintage. Shoes: Jessica Simpson.

“My style has always been colorful, but in the past few years I’ve started dressing consistently vintage or vintage-inspired. I’ve always loved vintage style. I grew up watching musicals like My Fair Lady, and then in high school I loved Mad Men — especially Betty’s and Joan’s looks. That really helped me home in on the late 50s and early 60s style. A lot of people will say, ‘Does it take forever to get dressed?’ but it’s pretty easy because a dress is just one piece. And most of my shirts match with all of my skirts. This skirt is a favorite because it has art by Mary Blair, the animator and designer who did the concept art for Disney’s Cinderella and Peter Pan, among others. The little kids at school LOVE it.”

A Week of Outfits: Katie LicataDress: vintage. Hat: Etsy. Earrings: vintage. Shoes: Charlie Stone.

“This dress is one of my favorites. I found it on eBay and got so lucky because no one else bid on it. I love to wear it swing dancing, which I do every Monday, at a weekly dance called Hot Jam. My husband and I just go to the dance portion, but there are also classes beforehand. That’s actually how we met! It’s exhausting but wonderful.”

A Week of Outfits: Katie Licata

“I wear a red lip most days. I get lipsticks from Bésame, which produces reproductions of old colors, going all the way back to the 1920s. My go-to is Bésame Red. And I wear Silly George magnetic lashes, which are like magic. They’re so much easier to apply than the adhesive kind. I can wear them all day and they never irritate my eyes.”

A Week of Outfits: Katie Licata

Dress: vintage. Parasol: Dapper Day Shop, similar. Headpiece: vintage. Earrings: vintage. Sunglasses: vintage. Basket: vintage. Shoes: Miss L Fire, similar.

“Oh my gosh, I love The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel! I do take style inspiration from that show. This is a Midge Maisel-inspired look. People do make the comparison a lot. We were at the airport last week and a woman who worked for the airline stopped me and said, ‘You look like, oh, I forget her name…’ and my husband goes, ‘Mrs. Maisel?’ She said yes and took a picture with me!”

A Week of Outfits: Katie Licata

Dress: Bernie Dexter, similar. Earrings: vintage. Shoes: Jessica Simpson.

“When it comes to vintage, brick and mortar stores often have a higher price point, so I prefer to hunt for deals online. For anyone interested, it’s really helpful to know your bust, hip and waist measurements to ensure you get the right fit. I’ve had great experiences with Kitty Girl Vintage, Simplicity Is Bliss and Archetype Vintage.”

Playsuit: homemade. Hat: Etsy. Earrings: vintage.

“My great grandma gave me a sewing machine when I was in middle school, and I learned the basics. But it wasn’t until a couple years ago that I started sewing more complicated looks. This playsuit is my most recent Maisel-inspired piece. It’s made from a sheet! I couldn’t find any fabric that looked right, and then I found this bed sheet and it worked out perfectly.”

Thank you so much, Katie!

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(Photos by Joelle Rosen for Cup of Jo.)