A Fun Game

Certain kids’ board games make me want to poke my eyes out (Candy Land, I’m looking at you). But this weekend, we played a game with our kids and we were all laughing hysterically…

Heads Up!, which Ellen DeGeneres plays on her show, has an app version you can play at home. You put your phone on your forehead (so your teammates can see the word but you can’t), and they have to get you to guess as many words as possible before the timer runs out. The kids’ version has words like Cheerios, clouds and Dora the Explorer. We have the best time playing and it’s so cute to watch kids try to describe everything. Even the adults get super flustered trying to win.

Three other games that are legitimately entertaining for adults: Jenga, Too Many Monkeys and Memory.

What games do you actually enjoy? That aren’t boring? Also, Toby calls Monopoly “Molopoly” and it’s so painfully cute that Alex and I made a pact never to correct him.

P.S. Four games to play while lying down, and a bedtime board game.

(Photos taken of the boys at home.)