Do You Have a Dog?

Do You Have a Dog?

Five-year-old Anton and nine-year-old Toby have started their childhood campaign to get a dog…

“Our family is like a soup,” said Toby last week, “and we don’t have all the ingredients.”

And Anton points out cute dogs on the street. Although when I asked him if he’d help out with walks, he answered, “I’ll definitely play with the dog, but you guys can take care of it.” (I appreciate the honesty, Anton.)

Alex has always loved dogs, but I have to admit, I didn’t grow up around them, and most of my life, I thought they were a little scary. If I walked by a dog on the street, I thought there was a not slim chance it might turn and casually bite off my hand.

But this year, my mind has changed. We work in a shared office in Brooklyn, and people often bring in their dogs. And one in particular — this lady, above — has stolen my heart. She firmly believes she’s welcome everywhere, and her hilarious self-confidence is so endearing! She’ll saunter over and just stand on our computers. Or stretch out and nap on literally anyone who is sitting on the sofa. I’m less scared now and I now see why people adore dogs so much.

So, I’m curious: Do you have a dog? What’s his or her name? I’d love to hear about your experiences! We’ve been reading lately about how to adopt a rescue dog.

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(Photo by Samantha Gehrmann via Stocksy. Cartoon by Charles Barsotti for the New Yorker.)