Inheritance by Dani Shapiro

I devoured the memoir Inheritance in two days. When Dani Shapiro casually takes a genetic ancestry test, she is shocked to discover that her beloved late father was not, in fact, her biological dad. (This is not a spoiler, as it happens on page one.) The rest of the book follows her journey as she unravels her family secrets. Last weekend, I was running late for a dinner reservation while closing in on the end of the book. “We need to go soon,” my boyfriend said. “I AM READING THE LAST THREE PAGES!” I replied. So, he read them aloud while I quickly got ready. Anyway, read this book. — Caroline

We gave this windbreaker to our daughter for a Christmas gift, but I steal it when she’s at school for running because I love it so much. (It’s my money! And she doesn’t even appreciate how retro it is!) The hem hits at the perfect spot, and it’s lightweight and breathable. — Jenny

Pasta with Caramelized Onions

I’ve been making Diane Kochilas’s famous Pasta with Yogurt and Caramelized Onions ever since Amanda Hesser wrote about it in the New York Times almost two decades ago. Even though the recipe calls for a mere five ingredients, I usually only make it for dinner guests because it tastes so special and different. I mean that literally — often the lucky, unsuspecting eaters will take a bite and say something like, “I’ve never eaten anything like this before! What is this?! It’s hard to even identify what’s happening here!” Needless to say, what’s happening here — the combination of tangy yogurt, jammy onions, and bright salty Pecorino — is stunning. (P.S. I make twice as many onions as it calls for and use sheep’s milk yogurt.) — Jenny

Best Family Game

The best game ever: Legs. We played this nonstop over the holidays. Literally, all you do is pick a letter — say it’s “M” — set a timer for two minutes, then every player (or team of players) names everything that starts with M that has legs: martian, mother, mountaineer, missionary, etc. It can be objects, too — whatever has legs! Then you compare lists at the end, and cross off any item that other teams had. Whoever winds up with the most wins. It’s my all-time favorite game. For the rest of the week, you’ll be thinking of “m” things you forgot. It’s so addictive that my cousins and I are still playing it over text. — Kelsey

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(Pasta photo by James Ransom for Food52.)