young frankk hoop earrings

Pretty earrings to wear all year, $88. (Or these cuties for $25.)

massage candle by get maude

Massage candle, $25, made with skin-softening jojoba oil, which can be poured on skin once melted.

aj kurtz keychain

Keychain, $15, with a beautiful life reminder.

Banana Pudding by Magnolia Bakery

Banana pudding from Magnolia Bakery, which is the stuff of legend. $62 for 6 large cups.

professor puzzle daily iq puzzle

365 daily puzzles, $13, for a fun morning ritual.

Urban Stems x Vogue Bouquets

Flowers, some arranged by Vogue editors, to brighten the whole house. From $45.

May I Come In Book by wendy goodman

The photo book May I Come In?, packed with offbeat home tours around the world. $27.

leopard dot pajamas

Leopard pajamas, $60. Rawr.

le labo discovery kit

Discovery set by cult-favorite Le Labo, $85, because the only thing better than one amazing perfume is sixteen of them.

mozzarella making kit

Mozzarella cheesemaking kit, $15. Because, as legendary food writer Ruth Reichl writes, “Nothing tastes like freshly made mozzarella that has never seen the inside of a refrigerator.”

bed prism glasses

Bed prism glasses, $7, so she can read in bed without getting a crick in her neck. And look super cool!

weighted blanket

Weighted blanket $86, which feels like a hug, is magically comforting and leads to a restful sleep.

scribners lodge

A romantic weekend away, just the two of you. xoxo

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(Scribner’s Lodge photo by Franny Eremin.)