filson beanie

filson beanie

Beanie, $45. Because it’s impossible to not look handsome in a red cap. (This one is nice, too.)

three's company keychain

TV show key tag, $7, to make him laugh.

filson utility jacket

A Filson work jacket, from $150. Rugged, stylish and cool.

titanic illustrated history

This incredible Titanic book, from $2. Because we’ve been reading children’s Titanic books to Anton, and they’re endlessly compelling. This grown-up version is illustrated and super detailed.

field cast-iron skillets

Prices for vintage cast-iron skillets are skyrocketing on eBay, but Field, a startup by two brothers, is making hand-poured skillets with smooth cooking surfaces (versus pebbled), just like the old-fashioned ones. Made in the USA to last a lifetime. $125.

Aesop Marrakech Intense

Marrakech Intense, $85, a sultry mix of spicy and woodsy. (Bonus: It’s unisex, so you can steal it.)

thumb massagers

Thumb massagers to upgrade your shoulder rubs. $4. (They also double as Troll crocs.) (Just kidding.)

kyoto dry gin

Kyoto Ki No Bi Dry Gin, $60. From Alex: “A friend from Japan turned me on to this, and it might be the best gin I’ve ever had, with a unique lightness in feel (maybe because it is a rice-based spirit), and a great balance, blending classic British-style juniper notes with distinctive Japanese botanicals: yellow yuzu, Japanese cypress, green tea, bamboo and sanso berries.” So, there you go.

tempur-pedic sleep mask

Tempur-Pedic sleep mask, $29, for the most luxurious sleep, ever.

bon appetit

A year-long subscription to the witty Bon Appetit magazine, plus treats, from $15.

dan white magician

A fun experience together, such as the mind-blowing magician at the Nomad. (People rave about it; tickets sell out in 10 seconds.)

ashkahn romantic card

A note saying how much you love him, since that’s all he really wants anyway.

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