Dragons Love Tacos pajamas

Pajamas with a bedtime story (More here and here.)


Caboodle for all their coins, lip balm, rubber bands and stickers. (I brought one home from work the other day and my boys LOST THEIR MINDS.)

bug bingo

Bug bingo, for heart-pounding fun.

Wishing bracelet

Pearl wishing bracelet. Leave it on until it falls off and your wish will come true.

primary sweater

The softest sweater, in their favorite color. (I love this whole store.)

too many monkeys card game

Too Many Monkeys, a game that’s fast and fun for kids and adults (no but for real).

astronaut ice cream

Astronaut ice cream sandwich, a childhood tradition.

wooden sandwich toy set

Sandwich set, to play restaurant, school, picnics and tea party. (The ice cream one is fun, too.)

flip sequin shirt

A flip sequins shirt, because they’re just cool.

carmela full of wishes

A few of the year’s loveliest books, like Carmela Full of Wishes, Julián Is a Mermaid and Juno Valentine and the Magical Shoes.

pothos plant from the sill

A plant Toby got one this year and he adores it. He keeps it in his bedroom, waters it every Sunday and named it Jackson.

toy wallet

A wallet, to feel grown-up but still be decidedly little.

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