Pie by Hana Asbrink

How are you doing this week? Thank you for all the thoughtful comments yesterday, and I hope you’re hanging in there. My mother-in-law is visiting, so we’ll be taking it easy, watching movies and baking cookies. Take gentle care of yourselves, and, if you’re in a reading mood, here are a few links from around the web…

How lovely is this green room? (NYT)

Bookmarks is like Rotten Tomatoes but for books.

The 30-minute dish I cook for myself and for myself alone.”

A great interview with Misty Copeland. “Right before the show, some of the dancers came up to me and asked if it was my family out there. And I was like, I don’t have 500 family members. No. That’s black people. The black community.”

This mug made me laugh.

Casey Zhang’s apartment is simply beautiful. All those shapes!

Ooh, this garden party top.

Effort shock. “It isn’t so much that geniuses make it look easy; it’s that they make it look it fast.”

Books are bananas.

Most important, a grotesque display of patriarchal resentment. (New Yorker)

Plus, two reader comments:

Says Danielle on three things: “My grandparents always had a card table set up with a puzzle, and anytime someone stopped by they could work on it a bit. On holidays, they would host a ‘puzzle party’ and have multiple puzzles set up and people would hang out, eat and move from puzzle to puzzle. It was a nice way to chat with different family members without feeling small-talk pressure. My grandpa would modge-podge favorites and hang them on the wall.”

Says Elizabeth on parenting teenage girls: “It’s so hard for mothers to realize the self-contained world teens are in. My mother had grown up on a farm where the idea of treating teenagers as anything but a large child was unheard of. I lost my mom last year, but the hurt, confused look she wore during my teenage years will forever haunt me. One day, in the midst of it all, I came home to find a Seventeen magazine on my bed. ‘I just thought you’d like it,’ she said. This was utterly stunning to me — that she continued to care about me when I knew I was so difficult. I was too cool to show how much it meant, but it was everything. Best 50 cents anyone ever spent on me.”

(Photo by Hana Asbrink. Effort shock via Jocelyn Glei’s wonderful newsletter.)