Flowers by Jaclyn Simpson

What are you up to this weekend? We’re taking it easy after the first week of school. We’re all exhausted! And maybe we’ll go out for some yummy ice cream. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

The sweetest observation about siblings. “I often think our household is made up of two marriages — ours and theirs.”

John Krasinski’s favorite episode of The Office.

Sweaters with pockets!

Remember Sharon’s week of outfits? Here’s her gorgeous house in Maine.

How to touch your breasts.

A yummy way to make peas.

Fall foliage map.

I just devoured this novel about one couple’s awkward wedding night. (The author really nails the inner monologue.)

Love these basic kids’ clothes.

The last thing my mom asked me.” Heartbreaking and moving. (NYT)

Also, we’d love to warmly invite you to a Cup of Jo gathering next Thursday. I’ll be chatting with the Hovey sisters about home decor tricks, and we’ll have wine and cookies. We would LOVE to see you at MoMA Design Store, Soho, next Thursday, 9/13, at 6:30 p.m. It will be a fun evening! (RSVP here, if you’d like — or just come by!)

Plus, two reader comments:

Says Esss on our trip to Maine: “I’ve never been to Maine, but when I was a kid, my dad would slice blueberry muffins in half, spread them with butter, and pan-fry them ’til they were toasted, a little caramelized and oozy with the butter. He told me he learned it at a Maine diner, when he sailed up the eastern seaboard. I’ve always loved Maine for it without having ever been there.”

Says Emily on hosting overnight guests: “Whenever we visited my grandmother, the guest bedroom always had our photos proudly displayed on the dresser. We thought we were so special – but turned out she had stocked a drawer in the guest bedroom with family photos of all her children and grandchildren that she switched out depending on who was in town!”

(Photo by Jaclyn Simpson. Picasso and Modern Love via Kottke.)