Amy Merrick flowers

What are you up to this weekend? I’m exhausted after a busy week, so my plans are to lie low. Luckily, the boys got a crazy clay wheel, so all they want to do right now is make little bowls and snakes (and, in Toby’s case, meatballs, haha). Hope you have a good one, and here are a few links from around the web…

A beautiful pedestrian bridge in Vietnam.

Beyoncé talks about her work, her body, her life. “Right now, my little FUPA and I feel like we are meant to be.”

A wall in Cornwall.

Love all the gorgeous wood in this home.

Is this six-year-old the best running back of all time? (I’m not even a sports person, and my jaw dropped.)

A no-fail formula for summer pasta.

Pretty artwork.

Love this pep talk.

YES! Insecure’s third season premieres this Sunday.

You don’t owe anyone an interaction.”

This gif makes me laugh. That’s all.

Head’s up: Dermstore is up to 25% off with code BIRTHDAY. (Eyeing this.)

Plus, two great reader comments:

Says Jessica on divorce: “I got divorced quite young, when most of my friends were just getting married. In those early days, I was in a friend’s wedding, perhaps the last thing you really want to be doing at such a time. And the wedding day, the father of the bride, very casually came up beside me, put his arm around my shoulders and gave them a squeeze, and said, ‘We’re here for you, kiddo,’ and just as quickly and quietly walked away. That was the best thing anyone said to me, and the only thing I really needed to hear.”

Says Jenny on divorce: “My soon-to-be-ex-husband might always be the love of my life, but he didn’t support my decision to go to medical school. I love him. I loved us. But I’m so proud of the me who, one year ago, packed up her Volvo station wagon full of clean laundry and her dog and hit the road for medical school in California. Thinking about bravely facing those changes now almost knocks me off my feet but resolute past-Jenny just did it. I’m still heartbroken, but I’ve had so many adventures. That love made me a better person and so is this path.”

(Photo by Amy Merrick. Running back via Kottke. Interaction via Jocelyn Glei. Art via Lexi.)