Doen puffy sleeve blouse

Today, I plead my case for the baby puff sleeve — HEAR ME OUT. The Victorian-era-slash-ultra-80s trend can feel over-the-top, but it was worn by some of the greats: Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C. These days, there are some low-key options — with the teeniest bit of shoulder pleats — that feel modern and fun. A few of my favorite options are textured, V-neck, plaid and midi.

Radishes and butter

Just a casual reminder of summer’s greatest snack trio: radishes, butter and flaky salt. I’ve been stocking up on these ingredients and living my best life.

Have you seen Eighth Grade? Directed by 27-year-old comedian Bo Burnham, the movie follows 13-year-old Kayla, who’s navigating one of life’s most dramatic moments: the last week of middle school. It’s a simple story that captures SOUL-CRUSHING adolescent situations perfectly. (I, too, experienced everything in slow-mo when I saw my eighth-grade crush.) “We believe that this girl and her story deserve to be projected 20 feet tall,” writes Burnham. “Her story is not small to her. Why can’t an epic story about the human condition be about a 13 year-old girl walking into a pool party and not just about some dude with a sword — no offense to dudes or swords?” Yes!

P.S. More fun things, including how to write the best wedding speech.

(Top photo by Doên.)