North Fork lavender fields

North Fork lavender fields

What are you up to this weekend? We’re visiting friends on the North Fork, and I’m looking forward to skimming stones on the rocky beaches. (At 39 years old, I finally figured it out!) Also, you may have noticed that our site crashed during a couple days this week, which resulted in a lighter week than usual; all is fine now, but the only sad part is that we lost hundreds of smart, funny comments. Please re-comment if you notice yours is missing! Thank you so much, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

I recently had a slice of flourless chocolate cake and now I want to make one myself. So delicious.

I moved in after our first date,” and 14 other women on getting married quickly.

The joy of missing out. (NYT)

Great news! Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale starts today, and I’m eyeing this, this and these.

What Sex and the City would look like in 2018. Fun to read.

The paint colors in this English apartment are spot on.

In praise of drunk cleaning.

Have you seen the 2 Dope Queens HBO special? Highly recommend.

“The most popular dish in my Indian household is a slice of toast.”

Care/of offers awesome personalized vitamin packs, and they are giving readers 25% off with code CUPOFJO25. (Valid for new customers only.)

And more than ever, we need to keep helping separated families. Thousands of children – including some under age five – remain in government custody after being separated from their parents. Says the ACLU: “Terrible stories are coming out every day: children forced to represent themselves in court, toddlers unable to recognize their mothers after time apart and babies returned to their parents covered in lice and rashes.” Here’s how to help.

Plus, a great reader comment:

Says Jane on morning routines: “I once read an article that compared being a morning person to adding a 25th hour into the day. Instead of a perfectly curated morning routine, the author simply woke up an hour earlier than everyone else and did what felt best — reading, walking, writing, maaaaaaybe yoga. I love the idea of giving yourself a free hour for ‘me time’ in the cool, calm, quiet morning.”


(Photo by By Jenna Park/Sweet Fine Day. Sex and the City via Emily.)