Welcome, Franny!

We’re thrilled to officially introduce Franny Eremin, the newest member of the Cup of Jo team. She’s smart, hilarious and you’re going to love her. As editorial assistant, Franny will be working with us on all kinds of things, including managing our food series, helping with social media and writing posts. She has already written about coming out at work and convinced us all to get signet rings. Here are some fun facts about her, plus a few other site announcements…

Her backstory:
Franny grew up in Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York, a small village in the Hudson Valley. After graduating from Smith College in 2016, she moved to New York City to pursue a career in publishing. She worked at Penguin Random House for two years before joining Cup of Jo this April. Franny lives in Brooklyn with her best friend from college.

Lightning Round Q&A:

TV obsession:
I’m currently into stand-up comedy specials (HI, HANNAH GADSBY), and I could watch Veep on repeat.

Favorite book:
It’s a tie, between Tell the Wolves I’m Home and A Little Life. I’m a huge fan of intense, literary fiction and both of these fit the bill. I read A Little Life last summer and haven’t found a book that I’ve enjoyed as much since. Recommendations are welcome!

A random pet peeve:
When a toilet paper roll runs out, and instead of replacing it, the next person just leaves a new roll on top. C’mon, man.

Favorite trip:
Last year, my girlfriend Kerry and I took a trip to Big Sur. We were looking to escape the East Coast winter, but it ended up raining the ENTIRE time, so much so that most roads along the Pacific Coast highway were closed. It was a blast, though. We stayed in a cozy Airbnb, went to a local yoga studio every day and played round after round of Rummikub.

What you make for dinner when you’re home alone:
PB&J on the softest country white bread.

Three New York recommendations:
Take a nap in a hammock on Governor’s Island, eat at Frankie’s Spuntino (get the cavatelli!), and hunt down a Mister Softee truck for a twist cone with rainbow sprinkles.

Personal fun fact:
I’ve chipped my front tooth four times, once on a stale bagel of all things, so now I cut up anything that needs to be bitten into directly, like an apple or cheeseburger.

The #1 thing on your summer wish list:
I’m looking for a new suitcase! I haven’t had a functional rolling suitcase for years. I’m saving up for one like this.

Irrational fear:
Birds. That is all.

Posing hard in California.

Welcome, Franny!

Franny with her girlfriend, Kerry.

Welcome, Franny!

Enjoying nature/freezing in Skógar, Iceland.

Plus, a few more Cup of Jo updates:

We’re thrilled to introduce a few more awesome voices, including a new finance columnist, Paco de Leon and wellness columnist, Erica Chidi Cohen. Paco founded The Hell Yeah Group, a financial firm focused on inspiring creatives to be engaged with their finances, and is eager to tackle everyone’s pressing questions about all things money. Erica is a doula, educator and co-founder of LOOM, and her words on everything from bodies to pregnancy feel like a giant pep talk from your best friend.

As far as our long-term team, Ashley Ford, whom we adored in all ways, had come on last November to be a contributing writer, but shortly afterward got an amazing book deal and has to focus on that. (Bravo, Ashley, we love you!) And yes, the widely beloved Caroline is officially back as our features editor! We have a few other exciting things in the works, so please stay tuned.

Thank you, as always, for reading. We feel lucky every day to have this special community. xoxo

(Photos courtesy of Franny.)