Have a Great Weekend.

Peaches by Yossy Arefi

What are your plans for the weekend? We’re flying to England tonight to visit my grandmother. I’m so excited to see her; it has been two years since our last trip there. Also, will you be attending a Families Belong Together rally tomorrow? (Here’s a recap and an update on the border crisis.) Squeeze your loved ones this weekend, and here are a few links from around the web…

9 clever rules for summer salads.

Made me laugh.

A great way to say no: “I must decline for secret reasons.

Oh my gosh, Eminem’s sign language interpreter is a genius.

21 tips for a great vacation. (Love #1.)

How things look from the baby’s and parent’s perspectives.

Would you make this cookie for one?

We’re bringing these on our overnight flight. Fingers crossed they work!

The NYT’s “Tip” column is fascinating: How to pose for a photo, how to sing a lullaby, how to float.

Lo & Sons is having a big Fourth of July sale on their beautiful travel bags.

One sky.

Plus, two great reader comments:

Says Meg on a foolproof birthday present for kids: “A box of sugar cereal… all their own! A savvy uncle brought a wrapped cereal (Cinnamon Toast Crunch FTW) to one of my kiddo’s parties and there was no happier child in all the land!”

Says Sarah on making a budget: “One of the best budgeting mantras I’ve heard is to have a ‘F*ck Off’ fund for when you need to prioritize yourself and get out of a situation. Boss terrible and work toxic? F*ck it. Living with a partner and the relationship has ended and you need out? F*ck it. Car broken down and you need a safe one for your kids earlier than anticipated? F*ck it. You get the idea. I love the idea of a fund to keep you safe, take life’s lumps and handle the unexpected with (some) grace.”

(Photo by Yossy Arefi. Sign language via Swissmiss.)

  1. Anna says...

    similar to birthday cereal we do birthday jelly!!!

  2. When I’m really organized and we’re coming home in the morning, I like to order a breakfast delivery. It’s pretty nice to come home to freshly squeezed orange juice and bread still hot from the oven waiting on your doorstep.

    Also, on our last trip, a road trip from TX to CA (with a detour to Grand Canyon and Las Vegas!), we made it our mission to compare tacos. Best decision ever. For the record: my favorite tacos were in Palm Springs. :)

  3. laura says...

    um, hell yes, i’d make a cookie for one. hahahaha :)

  4. Mai says...

    can you let us know how that foot pillow works out for you?? I’d love a solution like that and this one doesn’t look bulky either! Pls keep us posted!!

  5. Naomi P. says...

    We’ve used a similar inflatable pillow rest on the plane for a trip to Europe from CA. Worked like a charm. Worth every penny… and every dizzy last breath while blowing it up to full size. :)

  6. Ashley says...

    Hi Jo & Et. Al.
    Could you post something in your next weekend roundup about Hannah Gadsby? I am not sure if you have watched her Netflix special but it’s so incredibly moving and timely. I would love to hear your views on it.
    <3 Ash

    • Rach in Oz says...

      Yay Ash – we wrote basically the same comment :) :)
      How POWERFUL is Nanette?! I really want CoJ to see it too.

  7. alison says...

    Omg that Onion article is SO REAL. I went on a date w/ a young male “Yoga Therapist” (insert “hmm??” emoji) who did not ask me a single question the entire night. We split the bill for our two drinks, then he texted me immediately (like… almost before I got back to my car…) saying “it was SO GREAT,” blah blah with such enthusiasm… I ghosted him and only felt bad for like 1 minute.

  8. Would love to hear if that foot pillow works, if you don’t mind!

    I am so jealous of the seemingly endless amounts of people in their 30s who still have grandparents alive. I miss mine so much. Enjoy!

  9. Trish O says...

    Totally agree with the “F*ck it” fund. We call it in my house “F*ck You” money….like I hate my job, I QUIT because I have “F*ck You” money.

    And I get a box of Pop Tarts for my birthday. have since I was a kid. I love pop tarts, but they are a sometime food.

  10. The cereal is a genius idea – do you have the cereal selection boxes like we have in the UK? 8 tiny, cute boxes of sugary cereal, we’d get them at Christmas.

    • Jennifer O. says...

      Yes, they were very popular in my family for travel – my parents would give them to us for snacks on road trips, and of course breakfast!

  11. Aunty Sally says...

    For many years it was a Christmas tradition in my family to add a wrapped box of ‘Froot Loops’ cereal (like Cheerios but brightly coloured, flavoured and sugar filled) to my sons Christmas sacks. They weren’t allowed to have ‘fun’ cereal during the year, so it was a special treat to enjoy during Christmas holidays. I didn’t realise how much they looked forward to it until last year when I decided they were a bit old. Despite being 21 and 18, they were bitterly disappointed. Needless to say, Father Christmas will probably bring them Froot Loops this year!

  12. shopgirl says...

    my top 4 from vacation tips;
    – don’t leave fridge completely empty,
    – schedule some alone time, or at least late getting up, although everyone else is already at breakfast,
    – it’s ok doing nothing,
    – drink local.

  13. shopgirl says...

    Two years for see grandma?! Oh, my God, that would be too much for me … we have her a couple of blocks away, we are so close to each other.

  14. Lindsay says...

    On my fourth birthday I was allowed a box of Strawberry Shortcake cereal that turned the cereal milk pink. I’ve never forgotten it. I think I also got a backyard swing set that year but the cereal stood out.

  15. meg says...

    I bought the same pillows for a flight from NYC to Honolulu and had the same experience as the reader above, they wouldn’t fit fully inflated in the foot space. I tried using them not quite fully inflated and could get them to fit, but then they were just weirdly saggy and didn’t work as intended. Curious to hear how they worked for you or if any readers have better alternatives!

  16. Julie chambers says...

    Next time you fly to the uk take the morning flight. You arrive early evening and then as you have been travelling all day feel ready for bed. No jet lag

  17. Julie says...

    My grandmother (age 84) has been wrapping a box of sugar cereal for each grandkid for the last fifteen or so Christmases. The oldest of us is 32, and we’re still loving it! An excuse to eat a whole box of Waffle Crisp over a couple days, especially around the holidays…yes please.

  18. Yes to the box of sugar cereal as a gift! Every year for my birthday as a child, I was gifted a box of Lucky Charms (forbidden at every other time of the year). One year, for Christmas, I got my own bag of Cheetos too!

  19. I hope you´re having a great visit enjoying every moment with your grandmother. Thanks a million for those links, feel-good-links on a sunday can never go wrong. Safe trip back!

  20. Rach in Oz says...

    Hi Jo,
    Was wondering if you or any of the CoJ writers have watched Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette on Netflix? It is unforgettable.

  21. Amy says...

    When my husband joined the military, one of the first things we did was make a separate account for if we needed to get out – if the stress of deployments was suddenly too much for the kids or us, if we could tell a particular move would be difficult for us to handle as a family, etc. We don’t feel trapped or stuck – he can do the job as long as it works for our family and then we can just say “no thanks” if it reaches that point. It took some aggressive saving at first, but now we’re at a place where if he has to suddenly quit, we have a year (of living frugally) banked up for him to find a new career.

  22. Emily says...

    I had the worst time with that travel foot rest pillow deflating-probably due to the changes in air pressure on the plane. I was so upset about it on a very long flight. Flying is challenging for people with really short legs whose legs don’t touch the floor. By the time I am off of flights, my knees are in agony b/c my short legs have just been dangling. I’ve tried everything–stacking up books, resting my feet on my carry on, etc. and nothing works. I had such hope with this pillow. I hope it works for you!

  23. Shira says...

    I’m surprised that foot pillow is allowed! They always say that area in front of a seat has to be clear. I’ll be interested to hear how it goes!

    • Elizabeth says...

      That’s only for take-off and landing.

  24. I appreciate SO much that you always mention when your links go to the NYT! As a non-subscriber I have to be stingy with my articles and appreciate the heads up before I click. Safe travels and thank you for your thoughtfulness, intentional or otherwise.

  25. Have a safe flight! We have the most beautiful weather in Cornwall at the moment and it’s here to stay for another week.

  26. Ooh that travel pillow looks good. We fly regularly with kids from Australia to France (nightmare) so would love to hear if you think these were useful. Please update us! And hope you have a lovely trip. x

  27. Laura C. says...

    Have a good trip Joanna and family, kiss you Grandma a lot, I wish that mine was here with me, I do miss her so very much.

  28. Louise says...

    Have a safe flight. You’ll be pleased to hear that the weather in the UK is (currently) absolutely fantastic! Looking forward to hearing all about your trip.

  29. Ash samson says...

    We bought those exact inflatable foot rests for a recent trip to Australia with our four small kids, I thought they’d help them stretch out and sleep. They didn’t fit in the foot space between seats!!! I am curious to see if they work for you. We flew on air canada and the space between seats was so tight we couldn’t fully inflate them. I even brought a battery powered pump to blow them up and they ended up back in our bags. Such a bummer. I hope you have better luck, and more legroom on your flight ;)

    • Watching her seriously gave me chills! Thrilling!

  30. Kate says...

    We do a “birthday cereal” for our kids every year! They can pick any crazy cereal they want and have it on their birthday. They have to share it with the other sibling and they can have s bowl every morning until it’s gone, ha! My 14 year old still loves it!

  31. Peggy says...

    Hi Joanna,
    I just flew from San Francisco to Seoul (and back) with my 2 kids, and the pillows were great for us! I love that they were so easy to inflate. Hope you have a lovely trip and the kids get some sleep on the flight.