GQ comedy issue cover

Have you seen the cover of GQ’s comedy issue? The comedians’ extra limbs are poking fun at Vanity Fair’s photoshop mistake. Three thumbs up.


Happiness author Gretchen Rubin wrote a list for herself of things to do every day: “Make your bed. Wear sunscreen. Wear your seat belt. Go for a ten-minute walk. Eat a fruit or vegetable. Put your keys away in the same place. Touch everyone in your house with affection.” What would you put on your list?

Madewell tee

I’ve been on the lookout for loose, effortless tees for warmer days. This and this are on my wishlist.

Fiat by Ben Wagner

When we’re driving for more than two hours, we usually pack a bag of Kettle chips and call it a day, but Jenny Rosenstrach made her husband and daughter foil-wrapped hot chicken sandwiches for their drive. Jenny, be my mom, please?

P.S. The best New York Times Magazine covers, and five awesome family bikes.

(GQ cover via Kottke. Brooks quote via Jocelyn Glei. Car photo by Ben Wagner.)