Family Sleepover

We had a pretty comical string of bad days recently, with Anton’s hospital stays, extra long work days and a change in childcare. Then, last week, when we were barely hanging by a thread, Toby crashed down some stairs, sliced his lip, needed stitches and couldn’t eat or talk. Finally I was like, enough is enough. WE HAVE TO TURN THIS TRAIN AROUND…

Alex and I racked our brains: What could we do that all four of us would enjoy? That would pull us out of our bad moods? But also be affordable and very, very, very easy?

Since we’d read Ira recently, an idea suddenly popped into my head: We could host A SLEEPOVER. Alex and I would be the hosts, the boys would be the guests.

So, this Saturday afternoon, while the kids were at swim class, I picked up balloons and hot fudge from the store, while Alex ordered a pizza and pulled out the sleeping bags.

Family Sleepover

Balloons; veggie appetizers; juice in fancy glasses.

I actually had butterflies when the boys were on their way home! But when they arrived, they started jumping around with excitement. We ate dinner together, followed by make-your-own ice cream sundaes.

Family Sleepover

Lastly, we watched the first part of Paddington while cuddled up in sleeping bags. Afterward, the boys insisted on hauling their bags to our bedroom and finding cozy spots on the floor so we could all sleep together. (Of course, Alex and I tiptoed back out as soon as they conked out.)


A sleepover dry martini.

To my relief, the evening felt so fun and buoying. And the funny thing is, it was basically the same Saturday night we would have had anyway: dinner, half a movie, bedtime. But with a name and a few extras (sleeping bags, hot fudge), the experience suddenly felt magical.

Anton’s excited dance.

And we really, really needed that.

Hope you are doing okay today! Thank you so much for reading. xoxo

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(Photos of us at home.)