Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday

What are you up to this weekend? We are doing absolutely nothing tonight (my favorite kind of plan:) and on Sunday, we’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day by going to Rye Playland, where I will school the boys in Whac-A-Mole. Thinking of all the wonderful mothers, mothers-to-be and mothers at heart. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

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My mother’s shoes.” (NYT)

The middle dancer here is just beyond.

Oh my gosh, how pretty is this Target bedroom makeover? That wallpaper!

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This is America absolutely blew my mind. What a statement, what a piece of art. The analysis has been gripping to read, especially this post about 13 references you may have missed.

Plus, three great reader comments:

Says Anne on the random parenting product I swear by: “My sister-in-law shared with me that they loved having a hot tub when they had teens at home. It turns out your kids will tell you anything when you put them in hot water. For whatever reason it gets the conversations going. This is valuable information, people!”

Says Candice on the love story I never thought to tell: “Last year, my four- and five-year-olds asked me how I met their ‘Auntie’ Kate. It struck me that I’d been asked so many times about how I met my husband, but never one of the great friends of my life. It brought me to tears to pause and think about the importance and mutuality of our actions in those first moments of friendship, and what that has meant over the last 16 years.”

Says Mel on the love story I never thought to tell: “This essay resonates with me so deeply — not because it’s my experience, but because it’s something I long for. I have the opposite… a wonderful husband and three awesome children, but not any close girlfriends. I have my mom friends and my work friends, but I don’t have that super close love story kind of friendship with any women at the moment and I miss it SO MUCH. Husbands are grand, but mine doesn’t always get things from my perspective. Now that my youngest child is almost one, perhaps it’s time to come up for air and get to work building a new lady family.”

Last but not least, Cup of Jo is making a donation today to help pay bail for mothers who are in jail because they can’t afford to get out. “Over 60 percent of people in jail in the United States are being detained while they await trial. They’re not serving time as a punishment. They’ve been found guilty of no crime. Instead, in the majority of cases, money is the barrier to freedom… Bail pushes already-struggling families further onto the margins of society. Even a short stint in jail can mean a lost job, eviction or deportation.” Please read more at National Bail Out. #FreeBlackMamas

(Photo of Billie Holiday. Donation information via Erin.)