Habitat podcast

Habitat podcast

Habitat podcast

What podcasts are you into these days? Gimlet’s new docu-series The Habitat is mind-boggling. Through audio diaries, six volunteers from around the world chronicled their work as imitation astronauts on a simulation of Mars for a YEAR. The study, funded by NASA, asked participants to live together in a 1,200-square-foot dome on the slopes of a remote Hawaiian volcano. The crew had to wear spacesuits every time they exit the dome, carry out geological field work and live on freeze-dried and canned food. It’s pretty much The Martian meets Bravo, with a great host (and personal drama!). We are here for it.

Ask a Manager book

We’re addicted to Alison Green’s career advice site Ask a Manager (she knows EVERYTHING), so we’re excited that her new book hits shelves today. She tackles the tough work conversations you run into during your career, and gives specific wording — for example, what to say when your boss seems unhappy with your work to how to handle a coworker’s HOW-IS-IT-POSSIBLY-THAT-LOUD gum chewing.

Tony's Chocolonely chocolate bars

The best chocolate bar we’ve had in recent memory. (A lifetime of research has gone into this title, so we can tell you it’s true.) But more important, it’s crafted with cocoa from 100% slave-free farms by a company that is working to revolutionize the chocolate industry.

Lewish travel pouches

How pretty are these travel pouches? Designed by two friends, they’re made with a cotton shell and waterproof lining — perfect for wrangling messy makeup and skincare products on trips. Plus, they look adorable sitting on the bathroom sink.

P.S. More great things, including a trick for homemade pizza.

(Top HI-Seas photo by Angelo Vermeulen. Second HI-Seas photo via NBC News.)