Do or Don't: Ice in Wine

Do or Don't: Ice in Wine

Last week, I was hanging out with my friend Gisela…

… when she reached into the freezer and unapologetically plunked two ice cubes into her white wine. “Putting ice in wine is a thing now,” she laughed. “In France, they call it a ‘piscine.'”

Then I saw a Bon Appetit article about nine situations in which it’s totally fine to ice your wine. “Are you at the airport?” they ask. “Are you a grandma? Is it too damn hot outside?” Go for it! Also, if you’re stuck ordering house wine at a dive bar, cutting it with ice makes it taste better. “It’s so dark no one is going to notice anyway.”

So, is this socially acceptable now? After putting the boys to bed, I’ll often pour myself a glass of wine, and on the nights that it’s room temp, I’ll add ice — just like my mother and her mother before her. True, it makes the flavor less punchy (and I wouldn’t do it with good wine), but it also hydrates you, makes the drink lasts longer and is a fun way to mix it up. Sometimes it’s just what you’re in the mood for — and isn’t that what wine is all about?

Thoughts? Do you put ice in your wine? Or no way? One of life’s important questions :)

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