Jeremy and Jean Goddard

Jeremy and Jean Goddard

This weekend, my dad came to visit, and while watching him with the boys, I realized something:

I am becoming my parents.

Now that I have two children of my own, I keep noticing myself using my mom’s and dad’s expressions and rituals, without even realizing it. Here are a few:

My dad (and now me):
* While driving, now and again, he would reach one arm back to squeeze our ankles.
* Calling everything an “adventure,” to make life (and grocery store runs) feel more exciting.
* Taking us kids to bookstores for ages, just to hang out.

My mom (and now me):
* She would warn us, “You’re skating on thin ice.” (And if someone was being mean at school, she would say, “Tell her to go jump in a lake.” BOOM.)
* When she meant business, she would give us THE LOOK: widened eyes, eyebrows raised, head slightly raised, very still, looking straight at you. You would stop doing anything if you got the look.
* Getting the names of movies, songs and celebrities slightly wrong.

Side note: Also, did your parents play the same songs over and over? My mom would crank up Total Eclipse of the Heart in our car on the way to school, the bank, Target, everywhere. (It’s now my go-to karaoke song.) And my dad played Lay Down Sally on the living room record player 845,239,751 times while we were growing up.

Jeremy Goddard

My dad with the boys this weekend.

Do you find yourself using your parents’ old expressions? Do you parent in similar ways? I’d love to hear…

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(Top photo of my parents.)