Mini pizzas

Mini pizzas

Last Friday, we made pizza with the boys. Toby put pineapple on his, and sweet Anton went with anchovies because he wanted to be like Daddy but then realized he definitely did not like anchovies. Next up, I’d love to make mini ones with lots of different toppings. Eggs! Broccoli! Avocado!

Everlane underwear

Digging this new underwear made with supima cotton grown in the United States. They’re super soft and comfortable, and I like the pale pink. (P.S. An underwear trick.)

How to negotiate your salary

Nine words to avoid when negotiating your salary. Spoiler alert: Never say “sorry.”

Naomi Wadler

Edna Chavez

Most of all, bravo to the brave young people — including 11-year-old Naomi Wadler and Edna Chavez — who spearheaded the March for Our Lives. Here’s how to keep helping.

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(Top photo by i am a food blog.)