Olivia Rae James

What are you up to this weekend? We’re having a family game night tonight, since the boys just learned how to play Uno and Go Fish. They usually drift away after about 10 minutes, but it’s fun while it lasts, haha! Hope you have a good one, and here are a few good links from around the web…

Why Rachel should have ended up with Joey on Friends. Yes!!!

A week without plastic.

How cool would it be to live in a turret?

My dermatologist recommended this sunscreen, and it has made my skin look so much better.

Toddler feelings helpline made me laugh out loud.

Silent snow.

How Finland chilled at the Olympics.

Ummmm, this brownie pudding.

My friend gave me this book for my birthday, and it’s fascinating in all ways — career, parenting, relationships, vacations, etc.

Oh my gosh, the cutest baby!

Plus, a great reader comment…

Says A. on a Trader Joe’s breakfast hack: “One afternoon, I was shopping at Trader Joe’s with my little boy, who had not yet spoken a word. Developmentally, he was behind in speech, and I was anxious about it. We entered the produce section when, from his seat in the shopping cart, he pointed to the bananas and said ‘Bana!’ I had been waiting for him to speak for so long and couldn’t believe my ears. Had he actually just said a word?! I gasped and turned to the other people in the aisle. All of these kind people excitedly said, ‘Yes! We heard it! Your son said banana!’ I had so much pent-up worry for my son and felt overcome by this moment and his first word. Suddenly, a Trader Joe’s employee appeared with flowers and gave them to me, saying, ‘These are banana flowers. Congratulations on the first word.’ I will never forget that moment of kindness.”

(Photo by Olivia Rae James. Turrets via Of a Kind. Finland via Ashley.)