The 10 Best Comfortable Shoes for Work

The 10 Best Comfortable Shoes for Work

“Please, please, please do a post about comfy worky shoes,” reader Jessica recently commented. “I rarely walk less than five miles a day.” These heels are my go-tos, but I’m always curious to discover more. So, we asked 10 women to share their office-friendly favorites…

The deceptive don’t-feel-like-heels heels:

“In the winter, my go-to heels are from J. Crew. In the summer, I LIVE in these Banana Republic ones. I wore them 10 hours a day, five days straight on a work trip in Miami. I can’t wait for the weather to warm up to start wearing them again.” — Cailin, marketing director

“I’m really picky about shoes because I’m always running around the city, schlepping a billion things. My favorite are Everlane heels in bright red. My wardrobe is 99% black, and when I wear these, it’s like BAM, I’m here. There’s no rubbing, pinching or breaking in. They won’t leave you stranded with screaming feet.” — Stella, editor

“My clothes are pretty simple (so I don’t have to think too much in the morning), but I love statement heels, and I get them all for like, $20. I look for little details that make them feel more legit, like if a shoe is suede instead of that shiny material.” — Merry, account executive

The under $50 all-stars:

“I go for heeled booties, since a little elevation gives me more confidence. With this Old Navy pair, I never have to worry about blisters.” — Lilly, electrical engineer

Susina loafers are super comfortable, even though I walk three miles per day and use a standing desk. Bonus: The soles are soft, so I don’t sound like I’m stomping around the office.” — Hannah, architectural designer

The worth-the-splurge finds:

“I wear a size 11, which has resulted in many shoe-searching heartbreaks. But Loeffler Randall block heels have served me well — while running for the subway or spending a full day at the office. I tend to spend more on fewer, better pairs because they last.” — Kate, event planner

“I’m obsessed with my Rag & Bone Walker booties. I wear them everywhere — recently to the top of a satellite dish in West Virginia and a video shoot hiking in the Tennessee Valley. They aren’t cheap, but they last forever; I’ve already had them resoled twice.” — Victoria, TV producer

The how-are-we-not-walking-on-little-pillows shoes:

“I wear these Aerosoles mules all the time. They look great with pants and dresses. I actually bought three pairs because I fear for when they wear out!” — Lina, psychology fellow

My leopard flats are slightly mom-ish, but feel like slippers.” — Anna, marketing director

“I’m OBSESSED with M. Gemi. The Felize feels like you’re literally walking on clouds.” — Brooke, social media manager

The Best Comfortable Shoes for Work

So, there you go. :) What shoes do you wear for work?

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