Do or Don’t: A Work Uniform


Have you seen Matilda Kahl’s article about wearing the same thing to work every day? The piece has been shared 86,400 times, likely because we all face this daily. At my old job, I used to wobble into meetings in uncomfortable heels and worry if my skirts were too short when I was sitting down. And not just with work — we have a wedding this weekend, and I’m already stressed about what to wear, while of course Alex will wear his standard gray suit. Here, Kahl explains why a work uniform has changed her life:

About three years ago, I had one of those typical Monday mornings that many women have experienced. With a fairly important meeting on the horizon, I started to try on different outfits, lacking any real direction or plan. As an art director at one of the leading creative advertising agencies in New York, I’m given complete freedom over what I wear to the office, but that still left me questioning each piece that I added or subtracted from my outfit. “Is this too formal? Is that too out there? Is this dress too short?” I finally chose something I regretted as soon as I hit the subway platform.

As I arrived at work, my stress level only increased as I saw my male creative partner and other male co-workers having a “brodown” with the new boss as they entered the meeting room — a room I was supposed to already be inside. I just stood there — paralyzed by the fact that I was not only late, but unprepared… This was not the first morning I’d felt this unnecessary panic, but that day I decided it would be the last.

So Kahl came up with a work uniform — a silk shirt and black pants she wore every day from then on. Although colleagues questioned her choice, teased her and even worried about her well-being, she points out, “A work uniform is not an original idea. There’s a group of people that have embraced this way of dressing for years — they call it a suit.”

And it’s true. Men not only have the easy option of suits, they can also get more specific without anyone caring. As discussed in the new Men’s Style section in the New York Times, powerful men often have a signature ensemble: Facebook mogul Mark Zuckerberg wears a gray T-shirt and blue jeans, designer Georgio Armani wears a navy cashmere sweater and navy drawstring pants, and architect Daniel Libeskind wears a black leather blazer, jeans and cowboy boots. In 2012, Obama told Vanity Fair, “You’ll see I wear only gray or blue suits. I’m trying to pare down decisions. I don’t want to make decisions about what I’m eating or wearing. Because I have too many other decisions to make.”

Even crazier: Australian TV anchor Karl Stefanovic wore the same blue suit every day for a year — but nobody even noticed. He explained that he was trying to reveal the double standard against the female anchors, whose clothing was regularly critiqued and criticized. Needless to say, his experiment worked.

Would you wear the same ensemble to work every day? Our shared workspace in Brooklyn is super casual, but we still want to look professional when we have meetings or people drop by. I often wear this exact pair of black jeans, a silk shirt and comfy heels.

For a more formal office, a pretty dress like this or this could fit the bill. But if you don’t want to worry about short hemlines (or shaving in the winter), these cool slouchy pants and a shirt with rolled sleeves would look great with rosy blush and middle part.

Thoughts? What do you wear to work right now? Would you consider wearing the same thing every day? So freeing, right? If you were putting together a uniform, what would it be?

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  1. Emily Pyers says...

    I’m a mum, and my home clothes are pretty boring by necessity, so I’ve flipped this approach. I wear the exact same thing every weekend, but I actually love getting dressed up for work. For me getting to wear fun, impractical clothes has even become a bit of an incentive to go work, and it makes me appreciate my comfy weekend clothes more too

  2. Joara says...

    I’ve created a uniform a few weeks ago. I work as a pre school teacher so I have to move a lot and be confortable in every situation.
    I wear the same jeans Monday to Wednesday and another one in a darker color Thursday and Friday.
    It saved me a lot of time and energy when I was really tired and depressed. It can be life saving when you have mental health issues like depression or anxiety. It gave me the security and a sort of peace of mind. I obviously chose a style that represents me. It’s something less to be stressed about.

    Sorry if my English is bad I’m French and I’m still learning.

    • Clara says...

      Your English is perfect!

  3. witloof says...

    I work with children and so am able to get away with wearing casual clothes. Most of my clothes are black. In summer I wear black linen slacks and a black T-shirt and in winter I wear black jeans and a black sweater. I just reach into the closet or drawer and pull out whatever is on top. I wear interesting earrings and that’s my pop of color.

    • I love this idea. Would simplify my wardrobe to wear all black! Currently I wear black, gray, stripes, and a few patterns. Latest uniform for spring, summer, and fall (am in the midwest, winter is another whole wardrobe thing) is a simple tunic top and jeans or pants with flats. Easy. I have one signature ring I wear and my light hair (thanks, Swedish genes!) is my other accessory.

  4. I absolutely love this post! Keep up the good work!

  5. Joie Gahum says...

    That’s why I always see to it that I always simple Cicihot clothing to work. Im too busy to think of what to wear everyday. So i have to have something that is comfortable yet stylish.

  6. fran says...

    Mixing and matching clothes is a creative outlet for me so wearing a uniform is out of the question…too boring. To solve the issue of what to wear, I started a Pinterest board with my clothing combinations that work (just photograph yourself when you think your outfit looks good, or lay out combinations when your’e in the mood, photograph and post), and when I feel uninspired, I take at my board (on private cos it’s just for me) for ideas.

  7. Patti says...

    I actually have a work uniform of sorts. I am a girl who works as a construction project manager and want to look pulled together, job-site professional and still like I could pick up a broom or haul a 2×4 if the occasion might arise. I came to the conclusion that a tailored pair of jeans (skinny or straight are best on my girly curves) and either a gray, white or black t-shirt and black running shoes in the summer or the same jeans or black pants and a blouse or sweater and black leather boots in the cooler months. I spice it all up with stylish jewelry and make sure my hair and makeup are done. I make decisions ALL. DAY. LONG. And selecting the perfect ensemble to get dusty on a job site does not need to be one of them. I totally ❤️ my uniform. I always feel comfortable, confident and on point. I’d do it again if I ever go into a more formal line of work.

  8. Brianna says...

    I need a work uniform for sure. I have a closet full of clothes and hate everything I own. Not only that, I wear the pieces I actually do love over and over again. Not only that, nobody would notice if I wore the same basic over and over again and just fixed myself up with different accessories everyday, right?

  9. Emma says...

    I felt the same as the OP so tried following her example. My workplace doesn’t allow pants for women so instead I bought a number of black pencil skirts, black stilettos, white shirts and, for winter, black jackets. A year later, my coworkers are envious and some are talking about following suit.

    Downsides? In winter, cold legs, at least for the first few weeks until I acclimatize. Oh, and I miss colors and mixing and matching! But I love the convenience.

    • Dee says...

      Doesn’t allow pants for women? seriously? wow

  10. Kara says...

    I have sort of done this for years without fully embracing it! I fill up my closet with a variety of pieces… and then proceed to wear the same skinny ankle pants with flats and a sweater every single day. I would save so much time and energy and money if I just embraced this as my work uniform! Consider it done.

  11. ajokee says...

    I absolutely loved the idea, i thought about it and searched online – voila. I started my uniform yesterday, so far only my housemate has realised what i am up to. Its the same white top in multiple places and a black pant or blue denim pants. Today, people said I look great without realising it was the same top (same design) I wore yesterday lol. I’m really looking forward to this experience.

  12. I love this article. I am from DC, and here there is a definate uniform. The Navy Blue or Black suit for men and Black suit or skirt for women kitten heels and a button down or simple no frills dress. You know who is on their way to a government agency or capitol hill in the morning they look a little like minions. Where as on my recent trips to NYC you couldn’t tell anything about the Natives you only knew who the tourists were.

  13. Douglas Brown says...

    You’re absolutely right, it is WAY easier for men to just pick a suit to wear to work and be done with it! I do not wear a uniform at my current work place, but I have had to in the past, and it is not my favorite! But, I understand that some places it certainly calls for that extra level of professionalism that only a uniform can bring. After all, the word “uniform” is supposed to imply unity, and that can mean a lot for a team.

  14. I am Australian and that means I did wear a school uniform and a much hated one at that. Who needs layers of clothing in summer? Then the same outfit in winter? I was sent to a no uniform school but my mother made we wear her clothes because I had so little.

    My working life encompassed teaching and nursing. I grew to love a simple look of skirts and shirts for teaching and the dress all RNs wore in my state. Now I stick to skirts and tees for almost everything. I try to make it a simple process to mix and match. It suits me.

    • katy says...

      Me too! Skirts with a shirt tucked in. Feels pulled together, yet it’s so easy.

  15. I’m starting a new job soon and decided to do something like a uniform – not a single outfit but a look that I have a few pieces to switch out for. I got some slouchy trousers ( and several shirts in white/cream to tuck in, and i’ll do a black/white/cream blazer or cardigan. Super simple and keeps me from lapsing into jeans and a tshirt every day like I did at my last job!

  16. I pick out a week’s worth of work clothes every Saturday or Sunday evening and set them aside in my closet. That way I have enough time to try things on and make sure all items/outfits are appropriate. I have saved so much time since starting this routine!

  17. I don’t think it’s a bad idea, but honestly, I get bored wearing the exact same thing. At least guys can wear different ties and colored dress shirts with their suits. I do something similar, I suppose… I rotate 2 pairs of work pants now, and a bunch of shirts/sweaters/cardigans/t-shirts etc. I don’t have that many clothes (especially work appropriate ones), so it doesn’t make getting dressed in the morning too much of a hassle. Another thing that works to simplify my work life is that I keep a bunch of shoes at my desk so I have a few options depending on what I need, and I don’t need to worry about wearing them to the office. I don’t think I have ever been as flustered about an outfit as the lady in the article – I am glad she came up with a system that worked for her.

  18. This academic year I’ve been wearing only two things–one skirt/shirt/sweater combination in fall/winter and a different one in spring. I’m teaching a class in fashion theory, and while I could say that this uniform is an experiment in fashion, it’s not: it’s simply easy and liberating.

  19. I have a mom uniform – whatever pants (usually 2 pairs) and 7 nursing friendly (right now: plaid button downs) shirts. In winter: drape neck tees paired with a cardigan. In spring/fall: tall boots or toms. In summer, thongs. In winter, arctic-expedition-grade moon boots (it’s canada!).

    It’s been 4 years, and I have 3 seasons worth of uniforms. I’m contemplating a change to a dress-based uniform, but I’ll never look back. It’s so freeing to not have to look for the fave/flattering/comfiest item. No! All look same! All meet minimal characteristics of cute-comfy-flattering. Done! Bam. Love love love.

  20. A few years ago I found a wool blend sleeveless sheath dress (royal blue St John Collection Milano) and I loved it – classic and always appropriate. I started looking for more and I now own 8 of these dresses in different solid colors. That is what I always wear to work – a dress with a cardigan and boots or black sandals and a scarf. I consult and give presentations all week; I always feel pulled together and I don’t have to fuss with blouses or matching up outfits. These dresses pack well and because I work with different people each day, no one notices that I rotate the same 8 dresses. I have also worn them to dinner, reunions, graduations…very versatile and worth the money.

  21. Ha. Hahaha. These are all lovely ideas, but working in an office where the sad ladysuit is still a thing, or maybe a dress with a blazer, rolled sleeves and slouchy pants seem like a pleasant fantasy to me. I try to work pencil skirts, pretty blouses, and crisp buttondowns as much as I can. I love the idea of a previous commenter whose boss always wore black… I am an expat and know people from various countries, and the French women all seem to do that.

  22. I wore a uniform for 13 years and loved it. I even used to make having a uniform at work a requirement for my high school jobs. It wasn’t until I worked in retail that I learned to love putting together outfits. About 4 years ago I realized getting dressed for work was getting boring so I created a system to narrow my choices. Every day I switch between a skirt/dress or pants. It forces me to cycle through my closet more while also eliminating decisions.

  23. I sort of follow a work uniform. I wear a blouse and pencil skirt everyday to work. Almost all my blouses go with almost all my pencil skirts with a few exceptions. While I have some “wild” colors of skirt, and some crazy patterns of blouses – they work together, and I can just grab a skirt and blouse without much thought. Makes packing for work trips easy too. Although the old time I’ve worn pants does seem to really through off the coworkers ;) As if they just assumed I didn’t own pants lol.

  24. I’m actually considering it! But I just really like dressing up!

  25. Love the Madewell flats! This may seem like an odd question, but do you wear liners with oxfords like that? And if so, what kind?

  26. I’ve been slowly paring down my wardrobe and having more of a uniform. I used to be known for having tons of shoes (and I still do) but I found a few that I absolutely love and wear them 90% of the time – my cobalt blue cole haan pumps have become my uniform shoe, classy but noticeable, stylish but comfortable. Slowly working on that for the rest of my wardrobe!

  27. I love this idea, and kind of do it any way – red and white and navy and white striped teas with jean shorts and white sneakers in summer, and with jeans and a big black coat or pea coat in winter – helps that I am freelance, and don’t go into an office :)

  28. I don’t wear a uniform, but I usually have got four “own uniforms” I only decide wich colour I want to wear…
    It’s easy each morning.

  29. I love this idea–I’ve been wanting to streamline my wardrobe and this seems like the perfect way to do it, haha.

  30. I basically did this. I had three pairs of the same slacks in black, and the same oxford style shirt in a few different colors with a v-neck sweater. Maybe boring, but it felt classic and cut a lot of time out of my long work days.

  31. I work in a kitchen so there are some moderate guidelines to what you can wear. I have a set of work clothes that I wear ever week. I love just having one set of clothes to grab from everyday. This also makes me so excited to dress up and look nice on my days off! It feels like the best of both worlds and make me like my non-work clothes even more!

  32. About a year ago I started parring down my work wardrobe, and it currently has only thirty items in it. This makes getting dressed, planning for trips, and shopping for new pieces (usually only to replace those I’ve worn out) easy. It also forces me to be more inventive with the outfits I create so I’m not simply wearing the same five looks every week! And yes, I’ve found I am significantly less stressed :)

  33. I enjoy wearing my work uniform because it makes dressing in the morning simple. I wear 3 slim pants (black & blue) and neutral10 ( gray, white, black) tops/sweaters in rotation. I’m slowly incorporating beige and gray pants and pastel/colorful tops. I will say, though, that i do not wear my uniform outside of work. Work stays at work :)

  34. I absolutely have a work uniform that consists of a variety of black, white and gray pieces. I stick to these colors in basically all of my work attire, mixing textures, pants, skirts, dresses, etc. Black is always classic, minimal, sophisticated.

  35. It’s so great to hear other people say the things I’ve been toying with for the past few years! I read a similar post a few months ago on another blog where the writer wore a black turtleneck and straight leg jeans always (fall to spring, ‘not sure what she did in the summer) and it sounded wonderful.

    I struggle with finding the *right* uniform for work — I work in IT, but still want to be dressy enough to be taken seriously when meeting with people from outside my team. Maybe going forward I’ll do the turtleneck & jeans, but I’m open to suggestions if anyone has any :-)

    • kay says...

      try black tailored trousers (think Katherine Hepburn) and a long sleeve tee but in the the most luxe silk possible.

    • KayF says...

      a long time ago had to “streamline” my work wardrobe but had not realized it was quite so disciplined until my then finance pointed out my closet was “German shepherd colored” especially if the dog was old and had a red collar for accent.
      1. well tailored trousers (think Katherine Hepburn) and slim-cut trousers (think Audrey Hepburn) in black plus a pair of pants in camel and/or grey
      2. pencil or A-line skirts in black, camel or grey
      3. Jacket/blazers/cardigans in black, camel, cream, grey, rusty/barn red
      4. cotton or silk Tees (long sleeve for winter, short for summer), tailored blouses or shirts, tunics, and/or sweaters in black, camel, cream, grey, rusty/barn red
      5. a few simple dresses (sleeveless under jackets or long sleeve for winter, short for summer)

  36. I swear by my uniform!! To be honest, I have three – (1) black pants + crewneck sweater/t-shirt, (2) a stretchy dress (3) a pencil skirt with the same top as the pants. Everything is either black, white, gray or beige. Because you have pants, skirt and dress option no one ever notices that it is the same pair of pants and the same skirt over and over again.

  37. Lu says...

    my uniform: silky tunic blouses, tech leggins (a little thicker so they pass as pants but feel like leggings) and a drapey no-close cardigan. In winter everything is thicker and boots are added. In the summer, everything is a bit gauzier and gladiator sandals are added. I stick to a palette of black, white/ivory and grey with the punch of color (right now its cobalt blue) and i get stopped regularly. i work in fashion retail and my coworkers spend so much time and money on matching their items and being “on trend” every collection (that’s every single month!!!), even when they can’t afford it. my staples work and are so easy to build upon, and don’t break the bank at all!

  38. I love this!! It might be life changing. ha! Something I’ve been reading up on is the best clothing palette for my skin and hair color. I think this helps eliminate or prevent wearing pieces that just don’t look good.

  39. The principle works, but please, ladies, make sure your uniform suits you before you go for it… I know one lady who has no sense of fashion and wears men’s pants and plain shirts all the time: she just looks like a man :( I personally know that with my body shape I simply cannot wear a collared shirt/blouse, for instance.
    In the UK, quite a lot of companies seem to have a uniform for their employees (car rental, travel agent…) and they are mostly dire. So please, make it a flattering uniform, whether it is jeans/T, silk blouse/leather jacket, matching separates or a dress/leggings (my personal uniform). Thanks!

  40. I love this idea! Although not to the extreme that she went- but it’s so true my husband has a work uniform – pants button-up, tie, he has colors and variety, but almost everything mixes and matches-so much easier! Plus when I find that I have an awesome work skirt or dress I get compliments and then feel like I can’t wear it again for a while because everyone will know. Why do I care that someone knows that I dared to re-wear item of clothing I own?- good question, perhaps I should quit that too

    • I know the feeling – when you wear something new and people comment on it! But I once read somewhere about a woman whose friend was French and the Frenchwoman would wear an outfit that stood out – was impeccable – and the woman noticed her friend’s outfit the first time she met her. Then was surprised the second time she saw her, the Frenchwoman was wearing the same dressy outfit even though it was a trip to the park. She just put down a pretty scarf to sit on the grass. I remember that often and don’t feel bad when I wear the same outfit twice in a row.
      I have one type of uniform for work (dress, leggings, cardigan) and one for the weekend (long sweater, skinny pants, flats) and often wear the same outfit on Saturday and Sunday. No one has noticed or commented on it. I’ll often repeat two separate work outfits twice in one week then wear something a bit more casual on Casual Friday. In my office, the men wear the same things day in and day out. Jeans or khakis with a button down shirt, a polo shirt, or a pullover sweater.

  41. Absolutely yes! I think the concept is classy and it’s really practical in execution. I have a fall and winter uniform (two pairs of the same jeans, 3 different pairs of boots, and the same top in 4-5 different colors plus about two “wildcards”–e.g. a chambray for fall and a chunky turtleneck for winter), but summer and spring are always trickier, and now, at 6 months pregnant, it’s been really difficult! But once you find your look, I think having a uniform is classy, easy, and better for the environment. Love that you covered this topic!!

  42. An interesting post! My work doesn’t require a uniform, just a dress code – smart casual. But in a way that becomes a bigger hassle as I stare blankly into my wardrobe in the morning! The only way I can stay on top of things is to make sure I’ve put my outfit out the night before having checked things such as the weather.
    Organisation really pays off!

  43. I know this is random, but – Joanna – have you ever considered doing a “what I wore” post/series of what YOU wear? We often see you in converse, jeans and a striped shirt (a look I now associate with you!), but I would love to know which other combinations you wear to the office. Just a thought!

  44. Smart idea with a uniform, I tend to stress about what to wear for work and often spend a lot of time picking out outfits.

    Thinking of doing a general uniform of flats, jeans (or a pencil skirt!), cute blouse, and cardigan.

  45. I like the idea of a uniform, but I could never wear the same thing every day, I love clothes and shopping. However, I would say that I do have somewhat of a work uniform. I’m a school psychologist at the elementary and preschool level so I need to look professional for meetings but also be able to play with the kiddos.

    My uniform is usually dark or black skinny jeans (i usually buy a few of the same pair), a nice dressy top, and sometimes a blazer or scarf and flats or sandals. I throw in a few dresses here and there, but I usually have to make sure that they are not too short and in an easy care material. It makes getting dressed pretty easy when all i have to do is a choose a top and throw on some jeans.

  46. For fall and winter, I have three black skirts and about 10 crew neck wool sweaters (all the same, but different colors) that I rotate. I pair it all with matte black tights and a pair of oxfords. While I do rotate scarves and other accessories, have a simple base makes getting dressed much, much easier. I’ve done this for about three years, but have never paired down my spring and summer wardrobes. I think it’s time to do so- I’ve already found myself quite distressed in the morning, thinking about what to wear!

  47. I have a 1 year old, a 2 year old and a 5 year old. On top of that, I am a teacher. I envy my 5 year old’s plaid school uniform!

  48. I’m in healthcare and get to wear scrubs every day! It makes life so easy!

  49. S says...

    I love Kate’s comment about the ultimate double standard of the professional look…makeup.

    A woman can wear a pantsuit or skirt suit every single day if she wants (or a blouse and black pants, whatever). Sure people will ask her why she’s doing it, but they don’t question that it’s PROFESSIONAL.

    My last employer had us all attend a seminar in which the speaker (female) explained that to appear the most professional, women should do their hair and makeup.

    Was this woman old fashioned? Absolutely not. She was just being honest. For example, I’d never go to a job interview without makeup on.

    Why should we have to wear makeup to look professional?

  50. I’ve read about this kind of thing before, except it was called ‘the uniform project’ in which this girl wore the same little black dress for a year, only she changed the way she did it everyday, so she never looked the same. I thought it was brilliant! Tried it myself and it did make easier the ‘getting dressed in the morning routine’.

  51. I’m a SAHM and I even think this is brilliant! Recently I cleared out my closet and only kept a few basics and I can’t believe how much easier my life is when I open my closet and only have a few choices. I’m already thinking of clearing out again because I am so much happier. I thought I would miss all my clothes but I find that accessories and having at least one bright soft sweater adds color to whatever I’m wearing. For Spring I just added a lilac sweater (since most of my clothes is black, blue white and grey). We are now trying to minimize my husband choices for work. He has always been pro uniform even now as an engineer (even after the military he still has that frame of mind).

  52. I love how she feels more in control and can focus on her WORK rather than how she looks all day. I love it especially because I feel like I’m always worried about the elements of my outfit, accessorizing, looking put together and I probably look like I spent all morning trying to figure it out. I think that simplicity puts people at ease that you are there to get a job done and not to be stared at all day. The Executive Director at my work dresses very similar day to day and I couldn’t put my finger on that until this post. She is basically wearing a skirt, blazer, shirt and flats every single day I see her. And you can focus on what she is saying rather than picking apart what she is wearing. I love it. I’m trying to figure out how I will do this too.

  53. I always feel guilty about having a favorite shirt or pants that I wear all the time, but my taste is plain like this anyway and now I don’t have to feel so bad for wearing the same plain uniforms…it does make getting dressed and feeling good so much easier.

  54. The uniform concept is absolutely a do. I’ve adopted Sara Donaldson’s philosophy (check out her blog: Harper & Harley) and pared my wardrobe down to blacks, whites, grays, and a few blues and browns, and I try to buy quality over quantity. That way, everything I put on fits well and looks nice, and it all matches (can’t mess up that color scheme). Easy confidence!

  55. I dislike figuring out what to wear to work. My office is casual, but I still like to dress professionally. In the summer, this is easier – I have a closet full of dresses and sandals. In the winter, when it’s cold and snowy or rainy, it’s a little more difficult.

  56. This is so timely! I’m a sign painter at Whole Foods. After working there a while I began to develop a uniform that works for me. I paint and do a lot of crawling, reaching, and climbing in front of customers. I have to make sure I’m not showing my crack, cleavage etc and can stay warm in the freezer section. Every day I have black high waisted jeans and a t-shirt tucked in, black vans, and a long cardigan. Recently, a second artist was hired from another store and we realized that we dress nearly exactly alike every day for the same reasons. People make fun of us for matching all the time but the uniform totally works! Especially since we have to get up very early in the morning.

  57. I’m a wedding photographer and my “uniform” is a black jumpsuit. I have a few and they’re great because I’m super comfortable in them all day and I still feel stylish!

  58. My uniform changed my life and the way I work. I’m an art teacher of young children and I get MESSY. This year I decided to stop ruining and replacing all my clothing by opting to wear a pair of coveralls like mechanics do.
    To keep it fun, I ironed on art themed patches and emblazoned my last name across the back (like a jersey). By the end of a long day the suit is a rainbow colored mess. I hang it up to dry and throw it on again the next day over a t-shirt and leggings (since you can’t see what I wear underneath).
    At first my students missed my “quirky” art teacher outfits but they also loved the coveralls since it is also a unique look. They have even bought me patches and made suggestions about how to decorate the suits I have in rotation.
    Bottom line, I have more time to focus on my teaching and preparing for my students. I will never go back.
    As a women, it has empowered me because I never have to think about how to sit or how my neckline appears at certain angles. Freedom. I just go. No more wardrobe worries. It’s funny, I thought I’d miss getting dressed after studying Fashion Design in school and working in the industry for years. Instead, I look forward to the weekend and evenings I need to get dressed. Those occasions are more fun to get ready for. Also, it seems as if my wardrobe has magically multiplied because I wear things less and am faced with the dreaded “What to wear dilemma” less often.
    If you are thinking of making the switch to a uniform of some kind, do it. You’ll never look back.

  59. I love the concept of a minimalist wardrobe, but I also love variety so its a bit of a mixing and matching for me. Thanks for sharing!

    Rocky Mountain Decals – baby, kids, home wall stickers

  60. I work at home in a hot climate, so I wear what’s comfortable. Over the years, that’s definitely turned into a uniform of sorts. My spring/summer/fall work uniform is a tank/v-neck tee, shorts, and flip flops. For winter, I switch to long-sleeve tees, yoga pants (home)/jeans (out), and flats. I’ve started doing work-related foreign travel that requires me to dress up yet stay cool in really hot environments. I’m still trying to figure that wardrobe out. I love the idea of only 30 pieces. This conversation is really making me think more about how I can minimize the wardrobe I have by using just the pieces I like.

  61. I used to shun the idea of not wearing the same thing to work everyday and hated the idea of a uniform now nowadays I repeat my outfits almost every week and maybe have even gotten desensitised by the repetitions… I think I’ll be ok with wearing a bit of a uniform provided that it’s something that I’m comfy with because the way I look does affect my productivity, unfortunately.

  62. If I wore the same thing all the time, I’d get bored. I’ve done a two step approach. The first step was figuring out a uniform of sorts (so what pieces of clothing I typically wear) and decide what colours, being guided by what’s already in my wardrobe. This blog post was SUPER helpful and explains it better

    The second is step is that on Sunday evening I choose my outfits for the week (just noting down what I’m planning on wearing, and also checking if everything is clean, ironed where necessary). If I’m feeling super organised, I’ll even organise the outfits so the pieces are all hanging together.

    I’ve found that I feel more confident about the outfits I’m wearing (I’m not scrabbling around, with no caffeine in my system, trying to find something suitable to wear), and given that I have time to actually think about what I’ll be wearing, I come up with items that I wouldn’t ordinarily have thought of.

  63. I made it easy for myself, and always wear black leggings/tights and a dress (plus a cardigan if its a sleeveless dress). None of my dresses are neither too short or showing cleavage, and they are also not body-con. They do however come in different colours and patterns – that way I change it up depending on the mood, but at the same time I know that I 1. will be comfortable, 2. will be “dressed up” if we get visitors or last minute important meetings and 3. wearing something womanly without flashing too much skin. And being a busty, I never have to worry that my boobs will fall out when leaning over a table or similar…

  64. I’m a nurse, so every day I pull out a clean pair of scrubs with ankle socks and black supergas. Easy and comfortable !

  65. Love this topic and wrote about it on my blog. Another writer wears a denim shirt/black jeans combo …and a writer for Cosmo tried the uniform thing and ended up not liking it. I’ve linked to their stories if you want to check it out.

  66. I’m a floral designer that works from home so it’s hard to have the motivation to get out of my pajamas every day–but I can’t ever seem to get out of my overalls and white tee shirt when I’m out on the job doing weddings! Is it bad that I wear them to almost every wedding I do?

  67. I actually love putting together outfits and wearing something different every day. I love variety! Also, I’m teach young children and they love seeing me in all my different outfits!

  68. I think it depends on the person. So if you are loving the idea of dressing up everything, figuring out what to wear and you take joy in the outfit making then so be it. The “uniform” or “core piece” or “french girl” wardrobe isn’t for you. And I totally use to be that way. The older I get I suppose to more I want things to be effortless. So I buy things only if I know I will reach for it again and again. Its been difficult esp if I am tempted by the occasional too good to be true sale price on something that isn’t typically me but it has truly been working lately. I wear the same things over and over and I don’t even care. (and people don’t even notice)

  69. I do like the concept – but as I’ve gotten farther along in my 20s, I’ve really begun to love the process of putting together an outfit and accessories each morning.

    Natalie | Intrusions of Beauty

  70. I think this is a brilliant idea! I’d read (in separate articles) that Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs and Barack Obama did (do) the same thing. Barak Obama explained that the human mind can make only a limited number of decisions each day in an optimal manner. And he wanted to make sure his daily decisions were dedicated to things NOT related to his daily outfit. These folks may not be everybody’s favorites/heroes. Nevertheless, I think they were onto something. Most of the time I wear a ‘uniform’. But for special occasions I bust out special clothes, and the scarcity of this happening makes me appreciate my ‘special clothes’ all the more.

  71. I think it would be impossible for me to wear only one outfit. It would feel just wrong. I’m a teacher and students really pay attention to the teacher’s look. But, I recently got hooked on the concept of minimalist wardrobe – capsule wardrobe and project 333. Right now in my wardrobe everything works together, there isn’t a piece that doesn’t fit or is not flattering. It’s so freeing! I don’t have many clothes but the number of outfits that I can create is almost endless ;) I higly recommend it to everybody who wants to sort out the “what to wear” problem but are not that radical to stick only to one uniform.

  72. That’s one of the things I love about working from home…my dress is pretty flexible!!

  73. I have basically a zillion fit-and-flare dresses in colors and patterns, and i wear those almost every day with wedges or flats. It is basically a uniform but no one notices.

  74. Great post Joanna!

    I like the idea of a work uniform but can´t really see how I could make it work in all seasons. In California perhaps but in Finland?

    I also think that variety is the spice of life. If I put on the same slacks and blouse every single day, wouldn´t that get boring in the long run?

    The solution to this might be having a limited number of outfits. You would wear each option until it gets dirty and then start wearing the next outfit. This could solve the biggest issue in my life: where to store the clothes you´ve worn once or twice but aren´t exactly dirty.

  75. I love the idea of a uniform due to simplicity of not wasting time getting ready but I couldn’t stand wearing the same thing everyday. Seems too boring. In the summer, I do essentially adopt a sense of a uniform. I wear a dress and sandals almost everyday. Having multiple dresses is an easy way to have essentially a one piece outfit but mix it up constantly. I also don’t usually accessorize in the summer. Just a dress and sandals.

  76. I don’t have an exact “work uniform” per se, but I have helped minimize decision-making when I notice I was only pinning (Thanks, Pinterest!) blue, grey, white, or black clothing. I know you’ve talked about packing your suitcase with one color for a vacation so you know everything will work together, but stocking your closet with only one color way is also very liberating!

    I teach at a school where the students wear uniforms and I often bemoan the fact that teachers don’t have them. Simplifying my wardrobe was my solution.

  77. I’m getting ready to get back into the workforce after grad school and find the idea of a work wardrobe intimidating. I’ve considered sticking to blacks and whites, just to simplify. I like the idea of having a set uniform of a few similar style shirts and pants that I feel good in.

  78. I’m a teacher at a private school, and a mom to two little girls. To keep my life simple while still enjoying style, I’ve developed this work uniform: J.Crew pencil skirt (cotton for warm weather, wool for cold) + cotton t-shirt or Tippi sweater + ballet flats or boots. I love color and could not stand to wear black or grey all the time. So I have each element of my wardrobe in various colors, which enables me to mix and match. Sometimes I’ll mix things up with a pair of heels or a jacket, if I need a little more variety or want to look more authoritative for a parent-teacher conference.

    • katy says...

      My same uniform – J.Crew pencil skirt, shirt tucked in and ballet flats or loafers. Love. Easy, peasy.

  79. im not sure if it’s that i spent my formative years in catholic school and thus wore a uniform for practically 18 years, but i am a huge fan of the work uniform. working in medicine, i wore scrubs for years, which required pretty much no thought at all. when i transitioned to a job where i really needed to wear “real clothes” i was so stressed!!! on my own i adopted a pretty standard work uniform: j crew no 2 pencil skirt, j crew jackie cardigan cardigan and some sort of top–a shell, button down, tshirt, etc. while i now own far too many pencil skirts and cardigans, it was so easy to mix and match, worked across all seasons, and i still could make some creative choices within this framework without stressing out. standard, classic, and even maybe a little fun. (it also helped that j. crew has some great color choices and makes both of those pieces in a wide range of colors!) i had a few dresses i would add into the mix (also, easy! one piece!) and an occasional pant, but those were rare. i guess i had more of a recipe, but still it made my mornings, and even shopping, easier!

  80. Okay. I have probably the silliest questions EVER, but I have to ask. What do you do about socks? Do you wear some kind of sock with those oxford flats you linked to? And, I saw your picture on Instagram of you wearing the all-stars and it looked like you weren’t wearing any socks. How do you get away with this?? PLEASE TELL ME YOUR SECRET!!!
    Thank you :)

  81. Wearing the same thing every day is a bit much for me. I have about three work outfits, so that works for me. Not a huge amount of thought goes into it but you can still mix and match.

  82. Love this- there are so many ways that women feel pressure to look beautiful and dress well aren’t there? I love the idea of a uniform. And you mention shaving- thats another one isn’t it?! It annoys me so much that women are expected to shave and men aren’t. I have stopped removing the hair under my arms but i’m not yet brave enough to stop shaving my legs. When you add it all up, women waste so much time, energy and money to remove body hair and wear make up and style hair and wear nice clothes Uuuggghhh.

  83. I did switch over a few years ago to jeans, a nice top, flats or clogs and nice jewelry. I still have way too many clothes and need to pare down, but it does make it easier. I love dresses, but can’t seem to find anything cute anymore in plus sizes.

  84. An interesting aspect to this concept is that it would be easier to mentally separate yourself from your ‘work self’.

  85. I like that concept very much! And it is like Obama says: I don’t want to make decisions about what I’m wearing. I am a full time mother in Germany wearing the same outfit all the time. I have chosen some years ago what to wear and got several uniform-pieces. I always wear a jeans-skirt with a T-Shirt, a long sleeve or a blouse, depending on the occasion and the weather, in winter add cardigans and warm stockings. I never wear trousers which makes the outfit quite special and boheme and I have several skirts of the same sort and some (not many) Shirts to go with. It is all very easy and so good to live without deciding. I wonder what the neighbors think sometimes, but nobody ever asked me.

  86. As a female Navy officer, I LOVED my uniform. From yards away, it could communicate my rank, specialty and military commendations—not whether I was up on the latest trends. Time was spent making sure I met physical fitness regulations and that my uniform was kept in exemplary condition (I can still shine a pair of shoes like nobody’s business!).

    Now that I work in the civilian sector, I detest the hours I waste stressing about what to wear.

  87. I wear a uniform in the sense of the style concept – pants with a long or 3/4 sleeve button up shirt almost every day to work. It takes the guesswork out of the proportions that flatter me and are appropriate for my work. I understand that it’s important to be solid with what you wear on a daily basis, otherwise it’s wasted energy fussing over it.
    Of course the reactions this author has gotten are also dredged in gender politics.

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  88. Ever since I read that article I’ve been thinking of doing the same. I’m a school teacher. I was thinking black pants and white shirt (no khaki because that’s what the students wear)

  89. I have 6 dresses that I wear most weeks to work. I like a dress because it is less thought in the morning. I have two suits that I HATE and keep for when i REALLY need a suit. I tend to changes the dresses seasonally. My husband, a lawyer, tends to wear a grey suit every day with a white brooks brothers shirt and random brooks brothers tie. He is Monk.

  90. I like how Kate Moss wears similar outfits to bore paparazzis. I wear mostly dresses, which I find easier to combine and more flattering than suits.

    I blogged about this a couple days ago (and included a link of your old article about people wearing the same color :D) – Vestir siempre igual

  91. A couple of years ago I would have yawned at this idea. Now that I have a 1 year old, heck yes! Maybe “uniform” is a little rigid, but basic go to’s are a grand idea, i.e. flattering jeans, confident, yet sexy button down, smart flats, sandals or boots. Rotate in some earrings and jewelry. Voila. I’m in.

  92. When I was working, I tried to do this, but I don’t like wearing the same thing every day (it gets a bit boring), I would wear the same pair of black straight pants, and rotate between five or so tops to keep it interesting but easy.


  93. Thanks for sharing! Vera Wang for Kohls makes a pair of black skinnies for $45! I’m moving from an environment where my boss wears sweats to work (depression?) to business casual and I’m sure I will have some colorful dresses that are a bit too formal. I say, as long as there is not too much cleavage or leg, you’re fine.

  94. I’m a government worker and I hear that civil servants in other countries have uniforms. Sure wish we did!! It would make life so much easier.

  95. Easiest time I ever had getting dressed was when I was in court every day and had to wear lawyer robes (with black or dark grey bottoms). Now that I have switched jobs and have to give thought in the morning to what I’m wearing, I long for those days!

  96. In elementary school (before uniforms were made mandatory) I used to have a designated outfit for every day of the week. I still remember that on Wednesday’s, I wore my purple and black checked skirt and my purple leotard (this was the early 80s). I wasn’t doing this because I had so many decisions to make (I think I was 8 when I started this) but just because my parents gave me total freedom to wear whatever I want and I found the freedom a bit intimidating as I approached my closet every day. I think if I had to dress up for work, I’d do something similar.

  97. A related but, for me, more contentious issue is that of makeup. I really don’t like wearing makeup except for fun on the odd night out. I have crazy skin and weird adult hormonal acne as well as eczema, so for me it just feels better to let my skin breathe. I am in constant conflict about whether not covering all that up is “unprofessional,” and if it undermines the rest of my “look.” I feel like foregoing makeup is accepted for women who are a bit older and are less interested in fashion, but since I am young and (I hope) stylish, it really feels like it’s expected of me. With my personality though, that expectation makes me want to stay bare-faced even more!

  98. I have been toying with the idea of doing this. I was partly inspired by your piece on people who only dress in one color! Over a year ago, I pared my wardrobe down to 33 items (excluding socks, underwear, and loungewear) and it’s just a fact– I look better. Everything coordinates. I buy better quality stuff. I’ve been trying to cultivate my own style, and it seems like paring down dramatically and working from there really helped. But I wonder if I went down to just ONE uniform and worked up from there if I wouldn’t find the sweet spot.

  99. I don’t wear the same thing every day (I work advertising, like the author of the article) but I do rely heavily on a few tried-and-true “formulas” to speed up my decision-making.

    For example, skinny jeans + heels + flowy top + blazer + one piece of interesting jewelry = go-to formula for a low key meeting.

    Dress + heels + scarf = go-to formula for big meeting.

    Jeans + flats + button-down = go-to formula for low-key, meeting-free days.

    helps me navigate my closet more efficiently, but still gives me freedom to not get bored :)

  100. My job is so boring that getting dressed in the morning is often the most fun part of my day! I love and respect the idea of a uniform but for now, I like to switch it up.

  101. I’m with Ms. L – I look for well-made, comfortable pieces in a similar color palette. Like Katie Krieger, I also go for the minimalist approach (e.g. same shirt, in a few colors). Much of my thinking for assembling a work wardrobe was actually inspired by your post on how Susan Cernek packed for her honeymoon :) I wrote about it, here:

  102. I went to private school, so wore a uniform for 12 years. When I got to college I was thrilled to choose my own outfits! So, I can never go back to a uniform. I look forward to expressing myself everyday through what I wear, and get excited about crafting outfits on a daily basis.

  103. I love this idea as well. Saw the story on Good Morning America this morning. We all wear only 20% of our clothing 80% of the time so why not cut the clutter. I wear them same cashmere sweaters with skirts, jeans, and pants all winter so I kind of have a uniform for winter already. Giving a change to this idea serious thought!

  104. Love and hugely respect this idea, but confess I personally love trying out new outfits and would feel stifled wearing the same thing everyday. A perhaps more reasonable alternative I’ve done is to have a specific rotation of outfits – e.g., line up my closet choices and go through those in a specific order. I also own different colors / materials of the same blazer (I live in Ann Taylor during the week) and like switching that up over the same dress to change things up.

  105. Ah I love this!! I’m not sure about wearing the exact same outfit everyday, but I think I could definitely just wear black all the time, or just create a capsule work wardrobe or say 2 pairs of pants, 2 skirts and 2 dresses to choose from and nothing else. That would be great. What I also love about this topic is how it’s opened up a deeper conversation within the fashion industry, about how men have been doing this forever, and how it can save you mental energy. SO many things to talk about and relish in! Fashion, society, culture, gender isssues- perfect post!

  106. I started writing down every thing I wore for a whole year, and then my next year of teaching, I just referred back to the journal and wore what I wore that same day the year previously. I did this for three years, and now that I have updated my wardrobe, I started over! Ha!

  107. I wear scrubs to work! Most comfy work uniform of all time :)
    I’ve always loved not having to think about what to wear. I went to catholic school from k-12 and loved the simplicity of it.

  108. I don’t have a uniform but I do only have 3 pairs of jeans and 4 sweaters that I rotate through with a different gray v-neck tee.

    It was never intentional but a new house a few years ago combined with a little weight gain left me dreading buying new clothes and also without much a budget for a new wardrobe. I got rid of anything that didn’t fit or that I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing every single day and I’m left with a handful of outfits that I feel comfortable and confident in.

  109. I’m a school counselor at an all girls catholic school, so while I’m not really told what to wear, I know that it needs to be appropriate.

    I probably already have a “uniform” because I never wear dressees since I hate them. I usually wear pants of some kind, which I guess is my uniform. I also almost always have a blazer or cardigan on.

    So I like that I “know” the basis of my outfit, but I still personalize it every day. Yes I wear pants all the time, but I couldn’t just wear black pants every day, it would bore me.

  110. I’m all about a “uniform”. I am on my feet a lot (retail) during the day and my store is small and casual so my uniform is dark jeans, cute sneakers and and a cute top/sweater depending on the season. Sometimes I will throw on a scarf or necklace, depending on my mood but the clothes are the same. I love it!
    Love your blog too. Enjoyed the one on the podcast and just downloaded Stitch. So excited to go to the gym tomorrow. ;)

  111. I’d like to wear a uniform but I fear what people might say about me.

  112. I essentially do this already! I have a number of little pants (think jcrew minnie pants), a lot of striped sweaters, or a cardigan with a plain or striped tshirt. I wear that 4 days a week, and on the 5th-ish, I wear one of about 10 dresses I have with the exact same shape. they are all sleeveless, so in winter they go over a black turtleneck! It’s so easy, and because there is color variety, it still FEELS stylish. I’ve been wearing this for YEARS.

    Like some other commenters have said, it’s more of a look than a uniform, but it’s so easy it feels like a uniform!

  113. This is funny to me. When I was very young I worked at makeup counter and what I hated most about my job was having to wear a uniform! I guess it’s different you get to pick the pieces and they look great on you.

  114. yes. i’ve been re-reading that article, and others like it, for a year. it’s hard curating my closet to be functional and minimal. the whole point is to not have to think about one’s appearance but you still have to look a certain way (covered up accordingly, polished, professional etc).

    i’m curious what kahl looks like on off-work days, if she wears colorful garb to off set her standard black/white work look.

  115. I think this is awesome! I am not there yet, but I have definitely been working paring down my clothes to more simple, versatile things that I love. Lots of black and white and navy. My closet is teeny tiny, so I only keep the stuff I’m wearing right now – everything else goes under the bed. It also gives me way more time to actually take care of my things.

  116. i can’t totally relate to this post!

    it’s funny…i was just telling my boyfriend the other day that i wish i worked in the medical field, so my only clothing option for work would be scrubs. i really envy them sometimes.

    i work in the legal field and have had similar experiences to feeling uncomfortable and unprepared. Now, in my 30s, i’ve decided that my work attire should involve three major pieces: slack/skirt, blouse, and cardigan/jacket. it’s that simple and always looks pulled together (from my many years of watching “What Not to Wear”!). but it still lets me get creative with the blouse details, jewelry and shoes. this also transitions into weekend wear — jeans, t-shirt, and cardigan/jacket. i’m a creature of habit and do best with formulas, so this works for me.

  117. I have had a uniform for about 5 years. I only buy jeans/pants and shirts in black, white, or grey. I have one chambray shirt for getting “wild.”

    I did this because I kept buying trendy things and then wouldn’t touch them the next year which felt like such a waste.

    I was a server at a super trendy restaurant and this made me feel so much better and out together everyday. I’m in nursing now and I only wear scrubs in navy blue.

    The biggest difference is not having any disposable clothes, this to me feels like a small positive impact on both the environment and for the people working in garment factories.

  118. I love this idea and think about doing this a lot! My previous two jobs as a graphic designer were in super casual offices- I basically DID wear a uniform; tshirt, dark jeans, sneakers, every day. I love it and feel most comfortable in that. However at my current job it’s “business casual” so I have to dress up (well, that’s dressing up for me). I spent a ton of money on a new work wardrobe and kind of wish I hadn’t- don’t get me wrong, I like the pieces I have, but it would have been smarter to buy like… 3 pairs of the same pants in black, and then just a bunch of tops. I think as the years go on and my current wardrobe cycles out, I’m going to do this!

  119. In a way, it’s a little odd that we are even having this discussion. Men have been wearing the same thing to work every day for DECADES. White shirt, tie, wool suit. Done and done.

  120. Oh man. That would actually be great! I don’t know if I’d want to do the EXACT same thing, like the woman in the article. Writer Ann Friedman has also talked about having a ‘uniform’ for her job (she talks about it in this interview: and on her hilarious podcast Call Your Girlfriend)

    Unlike Matilda Kahl, when she worked in an office Ann had a kind of “formula” for her uniform that she replicated with slightly different pieces: “jeans, an oversized silky blouse, and ankle boots, with a few power accessories on important days.”

    I love that, and I could definitely do that version of a uniform! Wearing flattering dark wash jeans and a nice button up or something. Food for thought!

  121. I love this idea !! I am a teacher in a Jewish school so dressing appropriately can be tricky although we are allowed sneakers, jeans and sleeveless tops. But recently, I have been loving pairing a crisp white t-shirt with skinny light blue jeans and Superga sneakers or Repetto flats. The key is to add details like chunky jewelry, a fancy belt and of course a bright red lip! I’m even thinking of buying 7 of these white t-shirts and a few more of these jeans like in those movies where the guy’s closet is filled with the exact same items.

  122. Instead of a uniform, I think I have a LOOK. I know what works for me… cropped skinny pants and a blouse with heels, or any of a collection of dresses, which at least are one piece and eliminate some decisions. Recently I discovered MMLaFleur, though, and their stuff is awesome and simple.

    I think as long as I pare down my closet to things I actually love, decisions should be pretty easy.

  123. I’m a lawyer; so my clothes needs run from suits (which I loathe) to fairly casual. I’ve been struggling to find a better way to pare down my way oversized wardrobe and adopting a “uniform” or at least a color palette would solve my problem. Now to get over the fear of not having anything to wear.

  124. that picture is way too cozy! <3

  125. Best part of working from home – you don’t need to worry but I pretty much did wear a uniform when I worked out, then it’s nice to put on non-work when you get home.

  126. I pretty much just wear whatever Jenna Lyons tells me to wear.

    But really, while I don’t have a uniform per se, nearly all of my clothes are some combination of navy blue, black, white, and grey. And they’re all basics/classic styles. I like that I can mix and match nearly everything in my closet and I like the simplicity of it.

    Also, I’ve been described as “quirky” more times than I care to have been (which we all know is code for “weird), so I figure my clothes don’t have to be interesting or unusual- my personality is more than enough.

  127. I totally get this, but personally I *like* having a choice of outfit. It lets you reinvent yourself — even in a small way — everyday.

    I think there’s another way to look at the scenario. There’s a room of people in suits… and you walk in dressed in a chic, colorful outfit. You feel confident, unique. Your personality is shining through. People remember you.

    Perhaps you don’t want to be remembered for your outfit… but sometimes it’s useful for that first impression, that boost of confidence.

  128. I feel like one answer for women that is comparable to men and suits is a dress. I am a medical student and have to wear work-wear to the hospital that has to be comfortable with no low-necks for when I bend over. Dresses are the answer, preferably cotton or ponte that I can wash at home. It takes out so much guesswork. You can accessorize with belts or jewelry, add tights in the winter. Easy.

  129. I’m a lawyer, but I spend most of my days in my office typing, taking calls and researching. I need a wardrobe that goes from suits to casual. An all black and white wardrobe might just be the ticket to my sanity. BUT it is so scary to pare down what I have.

  130. I find that if I’m questioning whether a hemline is too short before I leave the house, IT IS. I weeded out my closet to identify those items I’m comfortable wearing to the office, and leave the shorter numbers for the weekend. Totally simple solution to my office outfit nerves!

  131. I do this now & have for years. As for the variety issue, I have many wonderful accessories that I’ve collected over the years from travel & gifts. I rotate this according to mood. I’ve never agonized over those. It frees you up forever.

  132. I would totally embrace this, although it would feel wasteful to get rid of some of the perfectly good clothes I currently wear. But what a relief to not have to think about clothes every day! I used to work in government, and suits were always expected for the women–the only time I got away with not wearing one was when I was pregnant, and even then I got some strange looks.

  133. This is pretty refreshing to me! I find that I veer towards the same type of look day after day, and I rarely deviate. I didn’t realize it until recently, though, so it’s only now having a positive effect on how I shop and how I choose my clothing in the morning.

    I have three looks that I feel comfortable in and look good in, so I guess it’s not the exact same, but it still narrows it down for me.

    Sweet Spontaneity

  134. Love this post, Joanna.

    I embraced a minimalist wardrobe about a year ago and haven’t looked back (much). I aimed to have 30 pieces, including shoes, coats, scarves but excluding bras, undies, accessories. I also excluded athletic wear, “at-home clothes”, and random stuff like beach wear, ski trip clothes, etc.

    In short, it is pretty amazing. The nice thing is it forced me to find something to suit every occasion, so instead of having 10 shirts that I could wear in a given situation but nothing to wear in another, I had one or two of each. I feel SO much more prepared for bridal or baby showers and the like than I used to. It also allows me to splurge and get only things I really LOVE.

    All that said, I do tire of my clothes and miss the excitement of new clothes. And I’m not sure I could go down to just ONE outfit or look! Kudos to her, and to that anchorman.

    PS — I feel like this type of double standard hurts Hillary Clinton. We spend so much time criticizing her pant suits and outfit choices :(

  135. I don’t wear a uniform, but I’ve been trying to buy things that fit well and are in a similar color pallet (mainly solids with a few stripes thrown in). I want well made, comfortable and professional clothes that I can mix and match. More black/grey/navy in the winter, more blue/blush mixed in for the summer.

    I need to feel put together and not fussy, but also like a professional, when I walk into work. I don’t want to waste time deciding or getting ready in the morning. I’d rather sleep! I own the same sweater in 5 colors, and variations of a similar style pencil skirt as well

    Also, necklaces and scarves are my go to accessory. It keeps things from feeling stale. Variety, but streamlined if that makes sense

  136. I have a 2. year old and a 6 month old, and I would absolutely love a uniform. Thanks for posting about this! I’ve thought about it before. My rule: I can’t change outfits that morning (since I don’t have time to play with outfits) so once I put something on, it stays on. It makes me much more conscientious and more conservative, I guess, but I don’t mind…

  137. So timely for me. Thank you! I already have work shoes-dansko clogs that look like swedish hasbeens (but way more comfortable)…in black and brown. As for the clothes: I go through phases where I stew in the AM getting ready for work. Often with three different outfit changes and mounds of frustration. I want to feel comfortable, cool (literally and figuratively), cute, and professional. A uniform is a great idea! Thank you!

  138. My old boss wore all black every day, all year. She would introduce a new version of the uniform for each season, around some iteration of black pants or a-line skirts. We joked about it a lot, but I really respect her commitment to her look, and she always looks timeless in photographs!

  139. I like the concept but it would never work for me. I need variety and being bored with what I wear, ruins a little part of the day for me