Lucy and Joanna

Lucy and Joanna

Happy birthday to my twin sister Lucy! I have loved spending the last 39 years on the planet with you.

Today, the boys picked out a cake from our neighborhood bakery. And Toby announced that he would clean all the bathrooms; he came up with the idea yesterday and is weirdly excited, haha. Later tonight, Alex and I are sneaking off for Roman cuisine at Maialino, which we’ve been dying to try.

Of course, I’ll also be calling my parents. Says a reader named Alice: “In China, on your birthday, first things first, you thank your mother for giving birth to you and raising you.” And years ago, Angela commented, “As a Filipino, I send my mom flowers on my birthday.” How sweet is that?

Hope you have a good one, and happy birthday to any other January babies out there! xoxo

Joanna Goddard Paris

P.S. Two birthday realizations, and thoughts on aging.

(Photo of Lucy and me at top, and the bottom photo of me as a baby.)