A Funny Wardrobe Saver

It’s the time of the season where my trusty cold-weather clothes suddenly don’t look so trusty. My boots are now salt-stained, my coat looks like it’s been through war (NYC) and the pills on my sweaters have taken on lives of their own. But, I recently remembered an old-school trick for looking good in the winter…

When I was eight, my grandma gifted everyone in my family a fabric razor for Christmas, a tool she had sworn by for years. “It reminded me of you,” she said without irony as she handed them out. I was devastated.

But last month, after spending over an hour hand-picking fuzz off a pullover, the idea of the gadget didn’t seem so bad. So, I ordered this new one — one with over 4,550 psyched reviews. My grandma was right all along. The thing is glorious. Once it arrived, I spent the night shaving sweaters (as one does), and texting my friends pictures of my mighty mountain of extracted fuzz. Now they actually beg me to bring the razor over to their houses.

It all might sound a little crazy, but I was to the point of getting rid of sweaters because they looked so terrible, and now they look brand new. On to figuring out how to save those salt-stained boots…

Thoughts? Do have one? Or any tricks for keeping clothing in good shape?

P.S. The #1 item to bring on vacation.

(Photo by Doen.)