J. Crew cashmere sweater

A cotton-cashmere sweater, for him to cozy up in and you to cozy up to. $60.

Beatles 1967

One of 2017’s great books, like Dreaming the Beatles or Grant. Or just get him one of the best war books of all time, Inferno: The World at War, 1930-1945. From $15 to $18.

St. George gin trio

Trio of St. George gin, $30, with botanicals from Northern California plants, like Douglas fir, California bay laurel and coastal sage. “That’s the thing I love about gin – it’s not just booze,” Alex waxed on the other night. “When done right, you capture the spirit and foliage of where it’s from. This gin is the taste of Northern California.”

Sean Connery knit tie

Knit tie from Alex’s favorite tailor, $95. (Or here for $49.) Sean Connery wore these in the early Bond films and they’re still cool. He can wear it anywhere with a jacket and jeans and not feel like he’s walking into a board meeting.

NYC vs. LA coin by Set Editions

Coast to coast coin, $24, so you can DECIDE ONCE AND FOR ALL.

Beef Jerky

Fancy beef jerky, $23, which is always a slam dunk.

Travelers playing cards by Herb Lester

Playing cards, $16, for playing gin rummy on planes, on the beach, anywhere. Bonus: It doubles as your personal translator with common French and Spanish phrases.


The softest cashmere mittens, $60.

Burger recipe from Bon Appetit

Sriracha seasoning sticks, $12, for when he makes burgers. You slide one into the center of the patty, and it flavors your food from the inside out. (There’s a multi-flavor gift pack, too.)

Cedarwood Fiele Fragrances cologne

Cedarwood cologne, $98, with a sexy, woody scent.

Dick Taylor Drinking Chocolate

Rich hot chocolate, $18, to sip while watching movies together at home.

Wedding Anniversary Card by People I've Loved

A note saying how much you love him, since that’s all he really wants anyway.

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(Burger photo from Bon Appetit.)