Gift Guide for Brothers

Atari flashback game system, $40, so he can play his childhood favorites.

Linguini and clams t-shirt

A T-shirt celebrating his favorite meal. $25.

chocolate salami

Chocolate salami, $24.50, because chocolate salami. (It’s dates, figs, marzipan and dark chocolate dusted with confectioner’s sugar.)

standing pen

A geometric standing pen, $15, so he’ll never lose it on his desk.

banks khaki beanie

Khaki beanie by the ultra-cool Japanese surfer brand Banks. Bonus: it’s made with fabric that’ll keep his head warm but prevent sweating. $20.

Sage and mint grooming oil

Sage and mint grooming oil, $22, to comb through his hair after a shower. Just a few drops will do the trick.

Prank candles

Prank candles, that go from yummy scents (apple pie, roses, vanilla) to terrible (bad breath, fart, vomit). $15. Because he is a little brother, after all.

Shark Drunk book

One of the year’s great books, such as Shark Drunk, Exit West, Awkward Thoughts and the Talented-Mr.-Ripley-esque Destroyers. From $15.

Gift Guide for Brothers

Sheepskin cushion cover to cozy up his apartment. $29. (Here’s the insert.)

Liquid smoke

Liquid smoke, $9, which will add a hickory flavor to his homemade soups and steaks.

Hidden pencil notebook

Hidden pencil notebook, $10, to make him smile.

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(Top photo by Paul Burnett.)