Eggs and Soldiers by Nikole Herriott

Eggs and Soldiers by Nikole Herriott

What are you up to this weekend? The boys and I came down to Florida to visit my mom, since we won’t get to see her for Thanksgiving or Christmas. I’m so happy to be here. She’s going to make eggs and soldiers, per our request. :) Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Movie sex is the worst: 10 myths that need to go.

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This bedroom makeover (and the hilarious Jen and Orlando) could not be more charming.

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Trying out five different morning routines.

Men don’t get to decide what counts as ‘sex.’ (Worth reading.)

I found the perfect stretchy pants for Thanksgiving.

Some people listen to podcasts at 3x the speed. (!)

What cool printable posters.

Digging these strong girls sweatshirts.

Love stories in 13 words. (“No-strings-attached sex, except for two kids, a mortgage and a dog.”)

Plus, two great reader comments:

Says Erin on choosing a sperm donor: “My wife and I conceived our kids with a sperm donor more than ten years ago. I have a lot of fondness for our donor, whom we’ve never met (although our girls can contact him when they are 18). We like to blame anything annoying or difficult on him, like our girls not sleeping through the night when they were babies, or their cavities, or hay fever. ‘Thanks, donor!’ we say, and have a big laugh. Our kids laugh about it, too. It’s been a good way to keep it all in perspective: the fact that someone kind and generous helped us become who we are, and he’s not a dad or even a member of our family, but he’s with us — in amazing and annoying ways — forever.”

Says Heather on gift guide for kids: “I got these robes for my kids and they went nuts over them. We no longer use towels for them — just put them in their towel robes. They’re so soft, the kids just wear them around the house, and my daughter even SLEEPS in hers. The only downside is that there have been some arguments about whether or not one is permitted to wear the bathrobe to preschool. Our bathroom is so much tidier now that we just have three robes on hooks instead of a zillion wadded up towels.”

(Photo by Nikole Herriott. Podcasts via Kottke.)