Says Stella: I recently watched The Florida Project, and it was one of the best films I’ve seen in years. The movie features a loose narrative structure that follows the life of a fearless (and hilarious) six-year-old and her group of friends around a budget motel just down the road from Disney World. It offers an empathetic view of poverty without sugarcoating it. “There’s no romanticism of these lives, and yet there’s never a sense of drudgery either,” wrote Brian Tallerico for Roger Ebert. “It’s a breathtaking balance of the two that really makes the movie work, and it culminates in a final scene of striking beauty — the kind that you don’t soon forget.” Highly recommend.

IKEA word meaning

The IKEA dictionary reveals the Swedish meanings of the product names. For example, TROLSK means “magic/enchanted, troll-like,” and VÄGGIS essentially means “wall thingie.”

Boiling water

Here’s a handy life hack: A pot of water won’t boil over if you lay a wooden spoon across the top of the pot. Done and done!

Pete Souza's new Obama book

Pete Souza's new Obama book

Pete Souza's new Obama book

I cannot wait for the new Obama photo book by former official White House photographer Pete Souza. It has more than three hundred photos, some of which have never been published. Who else wants to devour it?

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(Pot photo by Bon Appetit.)