Have a Great Weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? Any fun plans? I’m under the weather this weekend and I’m trying not to be a wuss about it. (Meanwhile, the boys are like this.) Hope you have a good one, and here are a few links from around the web…

How to help Puerto Rico right now.

The Florida Project looks fantastic.

Can you train yourself to love spicy food?

Everything you know about me, the female character you’re falling in love with in a rom-com written by a man.”

Ballet rotoscope.

Would you try magnetic eyelash extensions?

This Japanese house looks like a painting!

I’d love to surprise Alex and wear this dress on a date night.

How to care for your introvert.

A look inside the busiest maternity hospital on the planet. So compelling.

Acts of kindness on the NYC subway.

Finally, please come by our fall gathering in Manhattan on October 12th. We’ll be having wine, snacks, a braid bar and friendly faces at the Sézane store, 254 Elizabeth St., in Manhattan. We would LOVE to meet you and hang out. Please RVSP here, if you’d like! xoxoxo

Plus, two reader comments…

Says Meghan on great Instagram accounts: “The Mothers Before feed has been a fave. I keep thinking about one of their photo captions: ‘Before she was married, while my mother was working her way up in the tech industry in the 80s, she built the house that I grew up in… She did all the work herself. She’d never built a house before and didn’t know what she was doing – my two favorite mistakes are that all the stairs were built for her size 7 feet, and her bathroom doesn’t have mirrors above the sinks (for men to shave)!’ Imagine!!!”

Says Anne Jordan on fun things to do with friends: “My friend Jane is a brilliant poet. She invited her closest female friends over and served appetizers and drinks on the patio. She gave us each a handmade book of poems, in which she’d written a poem for each of us. She said, ‘I don’t think we should wait for men for to write about us.’ The incredible poems captured each of us so well and we were thrilled! I told her privately, ‘I think my poem was the best one.’ She said another woman had pulled her aside to whisper the same thing.”

Have a good one. xoxo

(Photo of Meryl Streep.)